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Hugs to you. I can't imagine how confusing and freaky this is for you Have you looked in to clinical trials? If you signed up for a trial, you could get treatment for free Best of luck to you!
I spoke to them yesterday evening (he started treatment yesterday) and it sounds just as horrific as the online descriptions I told them we were sending them light and love and positive energy. I also told MIL that the boys would really like to see FIL as soon as he's able... her response was "well, this treatment makes him susceptible to germs, so they won't be able to see him while he's going through it" me: "OK, well, they are very concerned and whenever it is OK,...
I have AT&T and didn't bother changing my numbers when we moved from CA to VA... and the VA folks can access our account just fine, so maybe that has changed. I hate changing numbers... it's such a PITA to let EVERYONE know... I'll just keep this number forever LOL.
WOOT!! :::: THat sounds awesome, Majikfaerie!!!!! :::::::::: ::::
Do as much positive stuff that you can... write a letter to the train conductor and let him know that this man was very disturbed and that it was *not* his fault. It would probably help him to feel some sense of closure and relief that this was a choice your BIL made. Hugs to you. This is so complicated.
WOOT! Hera!!! You go girl!! :::::::::: :::::
Can't you just stall back and require him to pay for a forensic accountant? I don't *know*... I'm seriously just asking I'm sorry you are going through this... it sucks.
Quote: Originally Posted by MusicianDad It is a shame, especially since it's unavoidable in our house. It's one of the reasons we have a hard time finding someone to ask about dd, most people think it's weird that dh or I would want to know about bras or other 'female topics'. OK, it's official... MusicianDad... I love you ::: Don't worry, I'm not gonna stalk you... this week. ;-) I wish you lived around the corner (or, dare I hope, next...
Um, just be careful with markers... my "artist" son "decorated" the backseat - LEATHER seats - in our car once when I was sleeping and dh was driving... from Cleveland to Upstate NY... and it was a rental car. And they were "washable" but after hours in the sun... not so much. UGH. So.. you know... just be careful... maybe colored pencils I know my kids can be kept busy for a loooooonnnnngggg time with a roll of masking or painter's tape They love pulling it off,...
I'm here... treading water at the moment LOL. Lots going on, but nothing I want to spill here at the moment... just send me some positive vibes, would ya?
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