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Thank you Mamacita Angelica You were able to put into words a lot of my feelings in a way I didn't. This is the tip of the iceberg of how they have disrespected me (which only started in the past year when dh and I were fighting and he "outed" me to them as bisexual... until this happened she wouldn't even ANSWER THE PHONE when I called!!!!!) I wish we could just drop in or I could make dinner and bring it to them, but they are in Florida and I'm in VA... I guess I...
CM, your situation is entirely different from mine. We *do* have a LOT of property to divide, assets, deferred compensation, retirement accounts, etc. Our situation is fairly complex and there's no way to do it fairly without professional help. I think blanket statements like "no one ever needs to use a lawyer" are unrealistic. JMHO.
That's what I was thinking, Nola... that's why I was curious if anyone here had done it. I think dh and I could do it... I'm just curious what the process is actually like and what the pitfalls are.
We *can't* visit because the treatments he's chosen to pursue leave him immunocompromised. I offered to bring the kids down last week and they weren't interested. *Everything* has to be on their terms... always. They refused to see my kids because FIL was going to start treatments and they didn't want him catching a cold or anything.... then turned around and took the other grandson (who is in DAYCARE all week, my kids are HS) to Disney over the weekend. Nice. I...
But has anyone here done a "collaborative" divorce? One where you both sign a contract at the beginning to NOT go to court and to work everything out between you with an attorney trained in CD? This is what I want to do, but I thought I'd ask about it to get info from anyone who has btdt. I have the book "Collaborative Divorce" but haven't had a chance to read it yet. Thanks!
First off, I *know* this is my issue. I am struggling to find a different way to hold this so that I don't feel so reactive around it. My FIL is dying of cancer and my MIL, SIL and FIL are *all* in total denial about it claiming the treatment he's doing has a 50% "remission" rate when, in reality, it has a 40 - 50% RESPONSE rate with a 1 - 2 % remission rate. I am so frustrated that they are denying the reality of him dying and in the process, my kids aren't going...
LOLOL I tend to doubt my MIL will EVER stop. Of course, I could just pick up and move back to CA LOL. My dh started hinting around last night that he wants her to move in with us when FIL dies. My response: She can move in with YOU, but not with me and the kids. In other words, over YOUR dead body, mister!!
Thanks for all of your replies Apparently I am allowing the last few years of her passive aggressiveness towards me specifically color my view of this situation. So, I will just suck it up. Again. And let it go without saying anything. I do appreciate the reality check!!!
How cool is this... I just spent the weekend with five terrific gf's that I know from our UU summer camp (www.suusi.org)... we've known each other three years, but this is the first time we've all gotten together outside of SUUSI. I found out this weekend that one of them is in a poly relationship. And she is a PhD psychologist WOW. Just WOW. I have seen their marriage (albeit on a limited basis) and it always struck me as totally egalitarian, loving and...
To have a website devoted to resources in your area? I'm thinking specifically of listings for tutors/teachers for subjects like math/science/art that lots of parents aren't comfy teaching (especially higher level math), and REVIEWS of local services. I was talking about putting something like that together today with a friend and it made me wonder if others would be interested.
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