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My FIL has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. They are doing treatment even though all it's going to do is make him miserable... not my choice, but hey... I'm not them. MIL threw down the gauntlet to me last week in email telling me to not tell my kids that FIL will die because they believe that god will miraculously cure him no matter what and positive thinking is what they need. She also said that if the kids were to see MIL and FIL that she felt it necessary to...
Not only do you rock for saying this... considering you were up until 3 AM THE MORNING that you wrote this, Siobhan... You rock for being able to put together a coherent sentence at that hour considering that I was asleep by then LOLOL!! Quote: Originally Posted by siobhang Some misconceptions about AP. AP is not about the world revolving around the child. It is about fostering the attachment between child and family - and for that, everyone's...
INteresting..... I have horrible insomnia, so maybe I should try some of these routines... I don't have any real requirements other than I *need* my boyfriend pillow (a king sized pillow that goes between my legs, up to my shoulders so I can hold onto it... I drag that thing around the bed ALL.NIGHT.LONG.LOL) Other than that, I'm easy... Naked or clothed, fan on or off, doors open or closed... doesn't matter. I'm easy But don't mess with my pillow!
Never mind... got a phone call and I was right
You show all the classic signs of burnout and possibly depression. I have been where you are. Please find a way to take some time ALONE... even if it's just an afternoon a week where you go to the Library and browse books. Something JUST FOR YOU. If you can go on a light hike by yourself, all the better (nature really helps me to recharge!). I was ready to run away, too and that's when I put my foot down and DEMANDED time away from my responsibilities. I felt...
That Ikea (Woodbridge) is lovely Richmond has a great children's museum that your daughter would LOVE! It's not too far off of the 95 on the 64 (I believe it's West of the 95, but I am directionally challenged and have only been here a couple of years LOLOL so double check that!) the exit is "Boulevard" - yeah, not "XYZ Boulevard" just "Boulevard" LOL!). As an added bonus, there's Richmond's BIGGEST Mc Donalds right next door which isn't really that big... BUT... if...
I think it depends on A) your relationship history with your mom and B) how you approach it. Not knowing A, I can tell you that if you approach it from "I would love to help you out" not "I see you are having trouble" it would go over WAY better LOL. Perhaps you can offer to even just take your sis on some "field trips" to get her out of the house and give your mom a break?
Thanks, Tracy Do you do personal consults? Cuz, uh, I could really use one about now
Hugs, Hera... it's tough, but you'll make the right decision. It will become clear. Sorry you have to go through this
Thanks AJ I know it goes direct on the 14/15 of Oct. I'm just wondering what else is going on with this retro to see if there's anything mitigating it's negative effects on communication. I'd really rather not wait, but if I have to, I have to
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