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Thanks for the replies!!! I was wondering if the Calvert curriculum was a little too much like "school at home"... hmm..something to think about. How did you find the sonlight and winter promise curricula? That's more my style, but I prefer a secular resource. Any ideas or googling tips? Keep the info coming! Lo
DH and I have finally decided to pull ds out of psK and homeschool him. I like the idea of unschooling, but I need some sort of structure to guide me, at least to begin with... hopefully, once I get into this, I will be more secure in the process and I won't need curriculum, but, in the beginning, I need it for me, more than for him LOL... So, does anyone here use the Calvert Curriculum? Any thoughts? Before I invest that kind of money in a curriculum, I'd like to...
Quote: Originally Posted by jacksmama How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..... I love a man who can make the hard decisions without flinching. A war in Iraq (under the guise of weapons of mass destruction) to call out all "terrorists" for a fight in someone else's country...we don't even have to clean up the mess....brilliant! and sending in the reserves?....well that's a stroke of genius. I mean who better to sit on a tank as a human...
Do you really REALLY wonder why? OK, I'll tell you, and it ain't pretty.... It's because these people who are suffering, who have lost everything, who have NOTHING don't happen to be rich or white or politically connected. I'll repeat... THEY AREN'T RICH OR WHITE OR POLITICALLY CONNECTED. Truth sucks. So does our president (though, he wouldn't know the truth if it up and bit him in the arse). Lo
Quote: Originally Posted by coopnwhitsmommy Why don't we focus on saving the people who can be saved first? Right after we focus on spelling GUARDSMEN correctly In MY opinion, Bush is an irresponsible idiot who should be impeached for so many, many things.... trying to defend how he's "handling" this crisis is akin to, well... I can't say it because I'd be in violation of the UA Lo
I'm having my dh check to see if the ATL airport (which he flies through weekly) has a drop off point. If so, I'm boxing up a ton of stuff (clothes, etc.) for him to bring on the return trip. If ATL *does* have this, I'll put out a call for anyone in San Diego/Southern Ca to bring stuff to me and we;ll send it all together. I am also trying to convince Delta airlines to donate cargo space and if necessary, see if we can get people to donate their frequent flyer...
Name him August. That was a name I was considering for my son, born in May... LOL... I don't think he'll get that question as often as you might think. And if he does, well... it's not like you're naming him Crappy Pants or something LOL... I mean, the name isn't WEIRD, just unusual Best of luck for a happy and peaceful birth! Lo
Coming late to the party, but I thought I'd throw out my two cents Rubbing a tomato on your hands (or soaking them in tomato juice, sauce, canned tomatoes, etc.) will alleviate the burn. I don't remember why this works, but I can vouch for it's effectivness! Lo
ROTFL Ruthla... I am for all intents and purposes a single mom (my dh works across the country and comes home maybe twice a month) and I hate, hate HATE! taking out the garbage!!! I don't know why it is such a thorn in my side, but it is... I set it on the porch in the evenings, then take it out (cursing under my breath LOL) when I bring ds to school in the am... don't even get me started on Thursday mornings when I have to take it down to the curb Lo
HOLY SMOKES! Your mom is 41?? I'm 40 LOLOLOLOL!!!! (my mom is 73) Lo
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