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This was so much fun - thanks to everyone who sent such fun mail. The girls had a blast. 
They announced today that the entire company's going to web only.   http://mothering.com/peggyomara/qpeditorials/how-we-became-a-web-company?sms_ss=facebook&at_xt=4d5ac3a5c4a0b19a%2C0
They disabled this feature a few months ago :(
I do Schedule C's for myself and my husband each year with no issues. No employees, no payroll. Works out ok for us.
I bought the Kindle version of the book based on your recommendation, and really enjoyed it. Thanks!
www.wahm.com  has quite a few listings posted. You'll have to do your due diligence and research the leads, but many of them are legit.
Leechblock for Firefox, Chrome Nanny for Chrome I plead the fifth on how and why I ended up looking for these useful bits of software....
Check out www.wahm.com and www.demandstudios.com
I have a just turned four year old who would likely LOVE this - we could do snail mail or email.
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