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Can we share our favorite shannon threads here ???? I was thinking about the time she gave steve lunch meat that the dogs licked ... lmao ... and on the other thread in TAO they were talking about the thread where she left her dogs in the car with MOlly and she was screamed at by someone saying she should not leave her child with the viscous dogs ... she helped me to much ... she made me want to be a better pet owner ... THANK YOU SHANNON!! She will be truley...
AUgh !!! W are getting ready to refinace our home and I knew the appraiser was going to be coming out soon but didnt know when ...So he calls this morning ... he is coming out today at 3:00 augh ... soooooooooo I have had to clean the entire house, do laundry, and cut back the bushes in the front of the house .... Anyone have any tips on how to get a super appraisal ?? I know the market sucks... but we have a "unique" property ... so i hope we have that going for us...
Oh ALliwink!!! I missed you! I hope one day soon we will see you posting here like you you to..... miss ya lots
BEUTIFUL! Ps. your siggy does not work
I too had tried to contact her via PM and email but i never got a response .... i missed her dearly here and to think there is never a chance of hearing her sweet words of wisom sadens me deeply! Again Hugs to he family right now ... i am sure her hubby will keep those lil gals in tune of what a great lady their mama was! P.S. Do you remember when she fed steve the sandwich meat that the dogs licked?? lmao ... i was so grossed out by that ... but now looking back...
Aww she is so cute ... i looked at your blog ... I am so glad you listened to Joanna ..... if anyone knows what needs to be done it is her .... stick around here and you will see ... she is one smart mama and dog expert
My knee is killing me and I cant find it. I had it on the couch this morning when i woke up (yes i slept on the couch because there are to many people in my bed) .... lol .... anyway that is the last time i remember seeing it ..
Well I keep smelling crap ... but it is just the dog farting ... stinkin dog!
LMAO ... this thread is sooooooooooo old .... I did not even take this job .;//
OMG ... i have missed her so much not being around on the pet forum ... this is soooooooooo tragic!
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