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I need to order a gift for someone in Canada and thought it would be quicker if i ordered something from a Canadian Store ... any of you canadian :mama's have any reccomendations ??? The person i am sending the gift to is in Kaleden, B.C.:
I just got my 4 year olds BC ... it was exactly the same as if i did it when she was newborn but t looks more generic ... lol ... and it has the date of issue on it ... which one day she is goign to figure out she was 4 before i got hers ... opps ... Im sure this varies from state to state ... but here it was no big deal ..
Well I go see the Cardiologist on Tuesday. Apparentluy part of my heart is not workiing like it is suppose to. It could be a big deal but it also could be nothing ... Im hoping for the later!
thanks mamas! I did manage to get a good nights sleep ... thanks to lunesta ... I Hope all is well ... this sorda sucks ... not knowing ... Sigh ...
I have been having some breathing issues so last week i went to the doc. She ordered a chest xray and an echocardiogram .... well the chest xray came back fine ... but my Echo came back abnormal. They didnt say more than that. I have an appt in the morning and then they want me to see a Cardiologist. I am so afraid. Melda
its probably gone by now anyway ... but I personally think it isnt right ... this is the exact reason I cant get one for my children who want one and I REFUSE to pay more than what a store is asking for it.
We want a Wii but I refuse to go into the buying frenzy over it so we will wait and buy it a few months after christmas ...
Well ... I have a sister that is strung out and calls me all the time ... thank god for caller id... i have not had to talk to her in months ... I know this sounds harsh but I cant have her in my life until she straightens herself out and even at that I am not sure if i can forgive what she has said to me ...
Not a love letter but once when i was in high school i got a letter with words cut out of magazines saying that if i didnt stay away from so and so I would get my ass kicked ... or something stupid like that ... it didnt keep me away from him
IM sorry i started this thread and bailed the last day or so ... I have been having problems .. I can brely breath ... well i can but i am gasping at times to get a full breath. I dont have congestion so it is not cold related. Anyway i went to the doc and they did a lung fuction test and ekg and the EKG came back fine but the lung funtion showed obstruction before and after taking a nebulizer treatment. So I had a chest xray and a ultrasound of my heart and I awaiting...
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