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I havent been to Mothering in YEARS.. but yesterday I went to Richland Health Department (SC) & asked for the form and was told about the apointment & they are booked up for weeks . while sitting there waiting to see if they could fit me in (they couldnt) i googled vaccine exemption appointment & this thread came up.. you probably have it taken care of now.. but thought Id comment anyways. this is our 3rd exemption.. 1st 2 i walked into our old health dept (we just...
oh geez. I hope everything works out for you! my 2 year old is going thru a phase also.. started right after my girls started school , its her first time being home alone with me.. and she asks for my 5 year old ALL DAY LONG! theres been so many times this last month that i was so relieved we live in the country & have no close neighbors, cause I was sure someone would call the cops if they heard her screaming. so. Hugs to you!!! & hang in there!
sage green,charcoal grey, or a soft buttery yellow
our old hause had no ceiling light, and I hated not having one.. I asked dh several times to wire one.. he just never got to it new house has a ceiling fan with lights.. love it.. and the fan.. we use it almost all the time in the day during spring and summer every other house i can think of has a ceiling fan
my friends house burnt down last week.. luckily they have been offered a house that is about to be listed for sale (a friend inherited it ) , until they get a new home.. they just have to pay utilities.. we are having a house shower for them thursday..
I say canon powershot also .. I got my daughter a A460 last year for $80 & it takes great pics.. i use it instead of my more $ powershot sometimes when we go places cause its smaller & easier to throw in a pocketbook has good video also
Quote: Originally Posted by CariOfOz . I think nasty, toxic, damaging is just a wee bit alarmist. I could understand if it was being recommended for use on the forehead.. otherwise I wipe with a wet rag afterwards if ive scrubbed something with one anyways
tomorrow we are grilling out!! "D & i bought some heeltastic . i have horrible cracked heel's.. im hoping this helps!
http://www.maurices.com/home/index.jsp just bought a few things from there i love. esp the taylor bootcut jeans ,they sit right below the waist , so my butt isint hanging out when i bend over!
for my older girl, old navy & target younger girls- kohls
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