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arizona and no laws, no reports, just a simple form saying you are homeschooling one time.... no tests, no set anything
well growing up i never got an end of school year gift and we do not gift anything to our children at christmas or any other holiday. birthdays we give a small gift....nothing NEAR a wii ...like maybe a 30-50 dollar bike the sort of demand your child is making would give me the answer but i understand your feelings both ways
many mineral makeups just have minerals added but are made with some of the same ucky stuff other makeups are. i only use mom-made pure stuff for the past year or two. i get mine from: www.hyenacart.com/pamperyourselffromtheinsideout she posted on HC that she is stocking more wednesday including new concealers and her customer service is awesome. i don't know anything about specific commercial brands because I liked hers so much
congratulations Jodi. I can't wait to meet him...... and you know I am glad you had a safe happy experience homebirthing. I want that for everybody. see you soon!! Tiffany
Quote: Originally Posted by Alohamelly I cried at the end of tonight's episode when Amanda and Jeremy were saying goodbye. It was so sad and reminded me of everytime my husband has left. This show just keeps getting better (and less cheesier, IMO)! i cried too. and felt a little silly..... i really wanted his FATHER to be there at the bus. i end up watching some of the lifetime shows while working late at night while everyone is...
nak ok so i worked in lots of restaurants and saw everything from rats being beaten to death in front of my customers to pizza makers with hands in their pants while rolling out a pizza. we KNOW bad things happen. there are no bubbles to burst for most of us. and the OP was clear she did not yell at her. and my guess is that since the starbucks was across the street there would be no "wasting" gas. it could even be on the way home. i was one of the people...
not for me yet.... for a few seconds today but mostly not at all
it was back for some folks today, but some of us are still getting errors. the new server will be all set soon and you could try clearing cookies and temp internet files and/or restarting your computer. we all want it fixed soon!!
Quote: Originally Posted by benharperfan it's a subthread in mindful home management -- country living / off the grid gotcha. i didn't put it there because we are really thinking urban not rural so country living doesn't seem to apply now ....and the posts there are really realted to being in places without water or postal service or far from others-- urban homesteading seems really different.... although we were undecided at first, it is...
where is the homesteading forum? i still don't see anything like that??
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