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The biggest lesson on teaching recall in dogs - NEVER give the command when the dog has the option not to come. It's a one command that ALWAYS has to be followed through. Even those trainers  who compete in obedience trials with their dogs teach "come" on-leash. This comment alone tells me that the dog has seen zero formal training. The best (and safest) thing for this pup and everyone around him is to go to a family that has the time to exercise and train this dog.
OP, I'm so sorry for the neighbors that you have to deal with.   Over here, my mind is boiling when I hear stories like that. I have a rottweiler, and we walk 4-5 miles with her on the days she's not in daycare and on those days when "I don't have the time" to keep her busy. NEVER in a billion years will you see my dog tied outside, and it's not because she's aggressive (she's a sweetheart, and will be a certified therapy dog, and is currently training in agility),...
I'm not sure of anything  Maybe it is new growth. It's only dark on the top.   
I really want this rose to take, and grow, and be beautiful. I love this type, but I am very new to gardening, so maybe I messed something up, so here is my quick story.   I planted Shropshire Lad bush two days ago, and now I can see that the top leaves are turning dark, purplish color. What could be wrong? I have no idea what to consider. Does it need food? Is it too cold? Is it just recovering from being planted in the ground?     Please help me do this right...
I'm guessing this has already been resolved, but I would actually contact the teacher first, and ask if she thought a child could miss two weeks for such vacation.   If the teacher said "that's okay", I'd let my kid go. Let's face it - five, ten, fifteen years from now your child is not likely to remember what they did in April, in second grade. A vacation like that stays in memory forever.   On another hand, if the teacher insisted that the child cannot afford...
rareimer,    you really need to reread your post as if someone else wrote it, before you take any other steps to solidify your relationship with this man.  DP and I are not married, and we had less than pleasing living arrangements in the first few years of dating. Even then, we BOTH contributed what we could to the apartment / townhouse / wherever we were. If you love someone, you do what makes them happy, you do what you need to support them, in big things,...
Now there will be many little girls named "Catherine", I bet. :)   As to the original question - I could totally get used to not having to cook and clean. Also, I have a thing with fashion, and would really enjoy the ability to pick and choose the best clothes from any designer imaginable! 
One more question... Do you see next few months for us with my stepdaughter? What do you see for our relationship? What do you see for her own growing up, standing on her own two feet?   Again, thanks for the insight. 
thanks for the reply :) When you say "next life", do you mean "next life?" or just next stage in this life? hehe   Thanks again. 
bluebirdmama,    when / if do you see me having a baby in my life?   Thank you! :)
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