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Oh, Twomommyfamily, I'm so sorry. Wishing you all the comfort that can be had at such a time!
Reporting in from 11 DPO to say that absolutely nothing is happening here. I've been miserable for the past couple days with things that are almost surely completely unrelated to TTC--possibly getting another cold and various (normal for me, but still awful) digestive issues--plus my standard PMS symptom of really sore breasts. Being a crazy TTC person, I keep reading about how seemingly non-pregnancy related symptoms like sore throats and runny noses can actually be signs...
Hi, all, just wanted to throw a question out to some folks who might have some perspective I don't. I am hoping that I'll be hiring a doula at some point in the near future. I live in a small town in a rural state, so have a small, but seemingly healthy pool of possible doulas. This will be my first birth and I'm fairly new to the area, so while everyone here knows everyone else (including, I'm sure, the birth professionals), I really don't. My question is this: the wife...
Erin, dropping from QC to add my thoughts on the GTT. Note, I have Type 2 diabetes, so have done a lot of reading about both gestational and non-gestational diabetes in pregnancy, but have not actually been there, done that. First, I wanted to say that you should definitely try not to stress too much about this until you have done the 3 hr test—I’ve read that about 1/3 of folks who “fail” the 1 hr go on to pass the 3 hr just fine. Second, it’s quite likely that even if...
fmorris, !
Woo hoo, Twomommyfamily!
I was just thinking how much I missed during my two (okay, three) month hiatus from the board, and was feeling sort of sad and out of the loop, and then I went up and just watched the dancing happy graduate list for a little while, and I'm 100% better now. Good things happened while I was away--many, many good things--and I have faith we'll all be joining that list sooner rather than later!
Hey, folks. I was trying not to obsess about TTC while I was breaking in January, which meant I needed to step away from Mothering for awhile, but I'm jumping back onto the thread from the start this month, before it gets too intimidating. Jenny, can you move me to the TWW? I'm actually on my second try with shipped fresh sperm, after taking January off. February was... well, let's just call it a trial run. I got a smiley face on a Clearblue digital on a Saturday, asked...
Soto, I have all my for you. Are you still planning to test again tomorrow?
Dropping in from QC to say congrats on the twins to mrsandmrs and bigfoot. That's so exciting!
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