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Does it always mean pregnancy? Here is my chart if it works. http://FertilityFriend.com/home/299211
I live near where Dr. Hickie has his practice and our grade school is one of the schools he is talking about. I really think he is delusional, he knew that the kids with exemption were taken out of school at the beginning of November. Pertussis kept spreading, so much so that the health department extended the exclusion of exempt kids two more times. For two months the entire school population was completely up to date on their vaccines and it still kept spreading. The...
Hope you feel better Kirsten. I just spent the better part of the night arguing with a local pediatrician and pro vax zealots on a community Facebook page. Shoot me, ugh.
Emily was such a cute trick or treater, especially since she started doing a high pitched thank you, I wish I would have gotten it on video. When we got home she called her candy treats. We got way too much candy though, ugh. I am waiting for the school to tell me DS is out for three weeks because of this whooping cough bs. Never mind that every case has been in vaccinated kids. Sending my kid home for almost a month isn't going to do a damn thing to stop it from...
That is one thing I always have on hand, trader joes organic dark chocolate bars. Jaimee I know at least 5 towns in central Illinois that postponed Halloween. They never did that when we were kids. Emily hasn't had her costume on yet but here is Austin before school
Sorry, I keep forgetting.Ajbaby-Melissa (28) a Midwestern transplanted to the Sonoran desert. Married to DH (28) and mom to DS (7) and DD (2).When I was in your area I was surrounded by inlaws Joanie, so I doubt you would have wanted to meet lol.
Nicole that sucks, especially since they could have not wasted your time after you told them. Dh had his record expunged, but it only took a year if that. Does that vary by state?
I cook veggies either with bacon or with bacon grease if I want dh to eat it, but that doesn't help if you are looking for meatless ideas lol. Grilled veggies are good. And cauliflower can be riced or made like mashed potatoes.
We just had the one couple we are friends with come over with their kids, and I made her cake. So I agree that it doesn't have to be a big production. Heck, last year it was just us because we had just moved.
Kirsten, I started having heart palpitations and chest pain when we flew home last march to burry my bil. I was drinking a ton of coffee, as soon as I stopped the caffeine I felt better. It's weird because caffeine never effected me before and now I can't have it at all. ((Nicole)) Emily had a good time on her birthday yesterday. I made her cake and it was pretty good even though it was a bit eggy. When we moved here last year we were sick for a few months straight, I'm...
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