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If you see DS hit the baby or see evidence of it, Immediately go to him and say "You cannot hit the baby!" But also say, "I know that the baby is sometimes very irritating. Please tell me if she is bothering you and until she is older I will get her out of there. It is very OK to be mad at the baby. I don't blame you for being mad, but you can't hit her!"
I just want to make my point clear. You get candy when you take the yucky medicine because you HAD to do something bad. You can't say" Well, I don't want the medicine so I will forgo the candy." The candy is NOT a bribe. It is just a way of saying to your child "Hey I know its a bummer to have to take medicine, I'd like for you to get something nice at the same time." The same with the trip to the Pizza place after a day of boring errands. I don't ask "if"...
There is no reason NOT to do an evaluation at this age. Yes, everything can be normal and a kid not speak yet. BUT better safe than sorry. Demand a hearing test. Get a new ped who is more on your wave length.
Try reading Anthony Wolf's books. They all have a chapter about siblings. (Try "The Secret of Parenting") His advice: STAY OUT OF YOUR KIDS FIGHTS. I have combined his basic practice with that of "Siblings without Rivalry." So when my kids fight, I NEVER take sides in front of them! Even if I see DD1 do something really awful to DD2, I just say something like, "Girls go somewhere where I do not have to hear this and work it out." Now, later I might go...
I am a little confused by why you keep posting the same topic over and over. Yes, rewards can sometimes be overused. But we are rewarded in jobs for our efforts. It is part of what makes people "tick" Indeed, some societies that have tried to get rid of production related rewards have been led into disaster. Remember "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"? Sounds good, huh! Does not work in practice!
Laurel. I know what your gut is telling you, but have you ever been tested? Do you know if you are O'ing? Do you know that your tubes are open? Do you know if DH can produce fertile sperm?
Yes, any time there is a speach delay it makes sense to have the hearing checked. Thsi is usually done by an ENT. You don't want to ignore a potential cause. And definitely go for the speach therapy. It is done in such a fun way for most kids. MY DD LOVED it. It was like a personalized class for her. And, they taught her to use sign language, which kept her frustration level down until she could learn to speak.
I agree with all of the posters who realize that saying "rewards are always bad" is too black and white. Of course, you don't want to reward every little thing. But giving a treat after one has to do some tough stuff if FINE. It is not a bribe, at least in our house, because there is no option involved. It is "you have to take this bad tasting medicine, but you can pick out any kind of candy to have afterwords." Its "sorry you have to trudge along while we...
I just want to make it clear that when I said it was difficult to bond with a child if the mama is always around I Did not mean people who are LIVING with the child and of course not the child's father! What I meant is that when a child is living with its parents and is nice and attached, that it really helps to form a bond with someone outside the house, if that other person can be left alone with the child. I don't think there is any reason to do this with a newborn...
I think that some people are really drawn to working within the system. This is how they operate and are unhappy when forced to work outside it. Others hate working within the system. They find jobs and places that allow them to work outside of it as much as possible. My guess is that many homeschooling parents are the types who never enjoyed working in the system. Public Schools tend to be very "in the system" (though not as much as when some HS parents went.)
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