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She's such a rockstar    Does this make me a bad parent? I can't wait to tease her about this when she's older. I'm trying to get my friends kids up there too but they're a little behind in votes. It would be great if you would vote for the little indian kiddies on here: http://apps.facebook.com/your_face_on_toshiba
  Does this make me a bad parent? I can't wait to tease her about this when she's older. I'm trying to get my boy up there too but he's a little behind in votes.   It would be great if you would vote for my little baby boy in the sailor outfit on here: http://apps.facebook.com/your_face_on_toshiba   My little girl is such a star :D  
Thanks for the heads up! I just entered!
Is this really still allowed? My friend just emailed me this link about Marc Eckos Unlimited Justice Campaign to End Paddling in Schools:  http://unlimitedjustice.com/ and I'm still in shock that they allow this in 20 states today! So I wanted to spread the word about this cause since this was news to me and I also signed the petition to spread awareness about the cause and intend to write a few letters to legislators to urge them to ban it..    I may even send a few...
Didn't think I would see it that early this year but It snowed in parts by me the other day.. So sad I want it to be warm again! But I found this super cute video of kids talking about snow so that makes me a little happier http://video.msg.com/Home/MSG-KidCam-Snow-Special
Lol Mines Jessie Jittery-osaurus http://dinos.thegarden.com/index.php what name does it give you guys?
I'll be cooking a very traditional thanksgiving this year.. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potstoes, sweetpotatoes, green beans, mac and cheese, and Ill be trying a new cranberry and Pomegranate sacue recipe this year. It looks amazing: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/holi...deos/index.php
Hi everyone!! Soooo I am thinking of replacing all my kitchen tools and I was looking into OXO since they have an online contest right now where I can win $1000 worth of their products. Does anyone use their stuff? What do you think?
I love the new moon soundtrack.. I think the artists they picked were really able to create sond that go with scenes from the book. http://blogs.msg.com/themonitor/2009...photo-gallery/ I cant wait for the movie to come out
Well maybe it is a bit soon but the holiday season is coming.. And I figure that if I don't want to spend a small fortune on gifts and other stuff this year I better start shopping now while there is plenty of time to still find a bargain. Anyone else starting early? So far I'm really psyched that I started early because every year my husband and I take the kids to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and I found a discount code where you can get Orchestra tickets...
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