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I would definitely join a facebook group! And I would prefer it to be Secret.
I honestly think it was giving up dairy. Which for this cheese (and cream cheese and sour cream) lover was very difficult. But that's the only change that I did, so I think it helped the pounds drop!
137.8, for a total of 9 lbs lost, yay! My goal was 7 pounds, so I am super happy. What is a healthy weight range for a breastfeeding, small framed, 5'4" mama? I'm feeling good about where I am now, but I really want to get down into the 120s and fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans (that fit a year ago).
If you started your LO on vitamin drops, what brand did you use? I'm researching this now and looking for recommendations. Thank you!
It tracks steps and calories burned. It lets you know how many "nike fuel" points you earned toward your goal. And it's a watch.
138.6! Woot!
Does anyone here have the Nike Fuelband? I just got one and it's really motivating me to move more at then end of my day if I'm not up to my fuel points goal. Would you be willing to be friends with me? None of my IRL friends have a Fuelband.
140.6  Ugh.
Also, I just realized that I hit 1000 posts. So funny that it's a post about poop!
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