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Ok, I haven't posted on MDC here lately, too much judging (IMHO), but this seems likely to be supportive.    I randomly found this page today.  I'm in.  My scale is broken (battery is dead) so...can't tell you my weight today :)   At an educated guess, 185?  Height is 5'3" My goal weight I think is around 125-140 (depending on how much muscle comes with it).    I have 4 kids, homeschool, and 3 jobs, so finding time to exercise and eat healthy is my biggest...
You can always use a baby carrier.  Better than carrying him.  Get a mei tai or SSC and put him on your back.
I'm interested in reviewing :)
Thanks for the feedback. 
Mine returned at 6 weeks with 4 kids.  1st one having issues with BFing, next 3 EBF, cosleeping, no bottles, etc.  #3 had a paci but #2 nursed  I think literally round the clock sometimes :).  Nothing seems to change that for me.  And while that first period might be anovulatory, the second one isn't, #3 is testiment to that.  But I'm far from usual in that respect :)
It sounds weird but slice onions in half and leave them around the house on plates.  I cannot tell you why chemically but they absorb or counteract paint, stain, and other decorative chemicals.
Thanks :) That's actually the conversation I just had with my husband since my last post, been letting him think about if he wants to do that or me (talk to her dh).  He's going to call him tonight or tomorrow and see where that goes.  Hopefully he'll do that, just start bringing the girls himself. Will post back results...  
Sorry, there's actually more background there.  Her husband is a former alcoholic, sober a decade or more.  He and my dh used to party together in their "misspent youth."  When we recently met them, they each were surprised after like 15 years, to find the other alive and sober.  And I believe they're having marital problems, and I'm sure her drinking is playing a factor.  He's a nice guy.    So I think it's more of a 'I don't want to embarrass your kids or let them...
Well, I hadn't gotten back on to post, kids been sick, Xmas.  We missed a couple practices, etc. The only other mom that I know was aware of the problem also and I have talked about it a fair amount, and it hadn't happened since that one time.  Until last night.  This time I'd say it was more a buzz--like I was annoyed more so than fearing for her kids' lives.  And I dont think the cops would have done anything. I've already decided if she comes back drunk again,...
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