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I do not write checks in stores, never did; that is what an debit card is for. I write checks for medical bills (since there is alot to keep track of w/ them) but otherwise everything else I use Online billing w/ my bank.
Okay did she say what was wrong with it this time? If he did restore her pictures and now it is months later, did she find some of the pictures were not "right?" If it is a totally different issue, keep the card. That is like my car getting brakes replaced and 6 months later I need new tires. One had nothing to do with the other.
We skipped eating out at that age. It is just too hard, too much to overwhelm him. If it started to go south, we would just take it to go. It is not fair to anyone, else the child, to expect them to cope with that environment.
Write a letter. That was way out of line and you should let them know how it made you feel. Doreen
Yes, always. No matter where I am.
BTDT - Ignore any comments.
I agree, yet another Hallmark Holiday. It was nice when a few people wished me a nice Mother's day on Saturday but really not necessary to gets gifts for doing what I love to do...
I second do not take the kids. I was in an accident and brought my 5 month old, the judge would not hear the case. He would not even look at me. I had to go back the next month alone. Doreen
Okay this is just rude on both the new cashier part (you are right, they need to say next person in line) and the customers behind you parts(the I have to be first syndrome that has taken over America). When I am in that situation, I am decent and do not run over to the other line. I hope the cashier has a clue that people are rude and need to be guided to do the right thing. If it bothers you, point it out.
Rach said what I was going to say. I have a September baby and I did hold him back both because he wasn't ready and everyone here keeps their kids back and most of the kids are turning 6 when school starts. So for us in our town it made more sense to keep him out of K for one more year. Our school has a screening process so you could always put her through that and see what they think (ours agreed that he needed more time)
New Posts  All Forums: