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I followed a selective/delayed vax schedule and my kids were in daycare. The issue is what paper work do you have to submit to the daycare provider (if it is a center). Since they are private they do not legally have to allow you to claim exemptions. When my oldest, who is 8, was young the form required only had to be a current (not expired) certificate. They did not determine which ones she had and was that the state regulations (ie like the do in Elementary school). ...
Pre-school, play school, moms morning out..it is all the same imho. At my sons preschool they do have 1-2 days "mom's morning out" classes for infants to 2 year olds that go from 9-1, nothing structured, you drop them off and pick them up on the parents schedule they want but the young toddler and older 2's do have nap time between 11-12:45 PM. But it is fun for the kiddos and conveinent for the mom's when there are older siblings.
Another thing to think about regarding the interest rate of money sitting in HSA accounts Even though you may only be making 1-2 % on the money, you are using "pretax money" do for us it is like a full earned dollar for every medical expense I have, whereas if I used post tax net money for every dollar i earn really I am only netting .75 cents, so to pay a $75 office visit, out of my HSA it truely is $75 that i earned where if I did not have it I would have to "earn" $100...
Perhaps because your twins are now roughly 15 ish (infered from your first post) and he realizes that teenagers definitely cost more money, he just wants to genuinely assist with the kids expenses. Think about just the fact that your car insurance will go thru the roof over the next few years?
carmax.com for used is nationwide if new I would buy from carsdirect.com - We bought 2 new cars thru them 7 years ago and had a stellar experience that no brick/mortar dealer would touch in a major metropolitan area.
We have used HSA accounts for several years, The first funded by SO employer and himself for 3 years and mine for the last year after he started staying at home. At this point we have just under 7K in ours right now (my deductible is $2,500). Our premiums for family coverage at work rose to $857 a month so I moved them to an individual plan for $300 a month but their deductible is now $5K individual and 10K family. Last year I put in $200 a month, but I also had some...
we live on 5 acres in the country with a Deltech home, they have pre fab framing kits that get delivered, you or your builder have to obviously install and finsih ..but something to look at. http://www.deltechomes.com/
How long has she been going or when did the transition start? Honestly, I think it needs more time if it has only been 3 weeks or so. Perhaps you ease her in a little better with a shorter time period, can you flex you work if you get a good solid 5-6 hours in? I understand your pain somewhat because when i work from home 3-4 days a week it is challenging with my 3 yo. and he has a SAHD home and I have a seperate office space and I do have to be available for client...
Flipflops toothbrush small books summer sand water toys is what I generally do.
What actually city/town are you looking at? the county is fairly large. There is a large church preschool population but there are still some other options out there. There are several montissori based ones in the Duluth area.
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