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So we had pertussis here for the last few weeks.  That was fun.  Not.  Pulled a rib muscle and popped my sternum and ribs out of place from all the coughing.  Thank God for the chiropractor.  So after all that I have been in love with scallops.  Then my husband told me to wrap them in bacon, so I did.  Oh dear, outstanding.  They're expensive, of course, so I don't feed them to the kids.  I tell them it's mommy's pregnant food.  lol.
12 weeks (Please don't look at my dirty mirror!)
I have been loving my husband for making a huge salad for me before he goes to work everyday this week.  We have pertussis here so now I'm even more tired.  But that salad is the highlight of my day.  That and watermelon.
Interesting thread.  Maybe I should pick up some milk thistle.  An interesting note I picked up in one of the comments is that the one lady was on her 7th pregnancy and 6 of them have been nauseous.  That's about the same with me.  My first and maybe second pregnancies I wasn't unwell at all.  Then I was nauseous with all the rest.  Perhaps my liver never got up to par again after the first pregnancy. 
Moss, how do you count your carbs?  Do you have a chart or something to link to?
Similar info, but from a perspective other than paleo/primal.   "Most of what we hear about morning sickness is that it’s normal and even healthy for pregnant women.  We’re given lots of tips for treating it’s discomforts–eating small, frequent meals, ginger, medication, etc.  But what if morning sickness could be prevented or eliminated?  In early pregnancy, a mother’s body is undergoing enormous changes.  Her stores of vital minerals and nutrients (such as...
Okay, thanks Google.  A read a doctor saying that nausea is caused by hypoglycemia. Oh, this is interesting!   "We know that pregnancy hormones dramatically worsen insulin resistance that is responsible for the condition, gestational diabetes. If insulin resistance is worsened, then reactive hypoglycemia is worsened. One of the biggest symptoms of hypoglycemia is nausea. So, in response to this, we have counseled our patients on the diet in pregnancy and have found a...
My midwife says ginger is good for MS.  I like it in food, but the tea is too strong for me.  I tried adding just a little bit to my ACV drink.  It was tolerated, but I still feel upset.  My stomach has felt light years better after a romaine salad.  I never feel like eating it, but i shove it in and then all of a sudden it's the bests tasting thing in the world.  I am not familiar with carb counting.  That is interesting about it's correlation to MS.  I think I will...
I, too, for a few of my pregnancies.  With the first two I would go into the ob office weekly for injections into my butt.  Then I switched to a midwife for my third and she gave me oral pills.  For my fourth I did oral and suppositories.  I haven't had my levels checked this time but I am just using some cream I had leftover from a miscarriage.  I'm 10 weeks and I haven't been seen yet because of vacation schedules and now we're sick.
Focusing on the amount of weight you gain is going to drive you insane.  I've come to the realization that I just need to eat BETTER food and not necessarily clean my plate.  Here is a cravings chart that I have hanging on my fridge.  That has been helpful.   In past pregnancies I have eaten out too much (when working full time) or indulged my sweet tooth far too much (a pint of Ben & Jerry's 3 or more times per week).  And I grew up feeling bad about leaving food on...
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