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Thanks for the help I'll look at those two. I thought the Marathon could work for DD til she was 65 lbs? And then go to what? I thought from there we'd go to a booster. We'll have a #3 coming along most likely within the next couple years, so we're all about the rotating carseats
We're going to be buying DS a new seat and need to start saving. He's a big boy, has been 95th percentile his whole life in height and weight. He's 5 months now and in a Graco Safeseat. Hannah is 2-1/2 and in a Britax Marathon but I've been told those aren't the best for the $ any more. She's always been in the 50th percentile of height and weight and is 'scheduled' to be able to stay rear facing until she's 3-1/2 when she'll hit 35 lbs. (I just mention this because...
Yep, Organic Grace, I've ordered from them twice now. They're having a sale right now too (I just looked at their website). I bought one for my daughter this past summer, and just ordered another for my son, and we're saving up for a Queen hopefully before I get pregnant again. I know they're expensive, but after my daughter broke out in hives two times in a row after I put her on a conventional crib mattress, I decided it wasn't an area I was willing to skimp on. She...
We went to Yellowstone naturopathic clinic, Dr Angersbach, she is great. My son's intact and she didn't say anything about retracting or even touch his foreskin.
Green playsilks are a fun 'grass' in an Easter basket, felted wool balls are great for 'eggs' tutorials for both are available on the net
I've used cloth breast pads and just blow through them. I might try backing them with wool (which doesn't wick- I'm thinking of a felted thrift store sweater) I'd cut maybe a palm-sized circle, cut a pie piece shaped wedge out of it (maybe 1/8th of the pie) and then zig-zag the edges as well as the cut area (so it wasn't a bulky seam) But I haven't tried it yet. Wanted to reply anyway
I'm doing Itchy Fingers right now, it has a lot of math at the beginning, but it's worked really well for me and I think would accommodate bulky yarn and large needles. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/libr...ongies-pattern
I think they're cool too, I was more just wondering if they were actually useful or not? Thanks for answering, though
I was wanting to make a gift for my FIL and his wife, and was thinking about convertible gloves. But then all the patterns I saw have the thumb as not convertible. Are they helpful with just having the 4 fingers exposed? Should I just go ahead and make mittens or gloves? I guess this is just an opinion question, but I'm debating what I could knit for a gift, so it's here Cara Oh, and I'm mamagreenbean on Ravelry
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