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Well, my boys are a little older than those posted so far. Right now they both know most of the primary colors and are beginning to color. (unfortunately not just on paper) ONe baby is righty and one is a lefty. They both love digging in the dirt and helping mommy with the garden. The highlight of their day is finding worms or a ripe strawberry. They are completely potty trained. (boo hoo) I'm not sure on their weights but they have pretty much stayed in the 25%...
Thanks Gina, My next ob appt I am going to ask about this.
Gina, I don't know if I have antiphospholipid syndrome or not. How did they test for this? I have been wondering about this for the last year since reading about this syndrome. Let me give you a little history. I have had 4 previous unexplained miscarriages possibly more that I didnt know about. I did have a dd that was term no probs at all in the middle of all these miscarriages. The last time I was pregnant, at 7 weeks I developed a blood clot in my subclavian...
Well. I've had someone argue with me in the checkout line whether my boys are identical or not. (like I, the mother would not know and they, the total stranger would.) Btw, my boys look nothing alike. They also have 2 different blood types.
Congratulations Suzy! I kinda always wanted twins also. In fact, I wouldn't mind having another set of twins. Have a great pregnancy and get lots of rest.
Welcome Karen!!! Your daughters are beautiful. My name is Susie and I have frat boys 2 1/2 yrs and dd 7 yrs. We cosleep, bf and cloth diaper (well until about a month ago when they started using the potty) Those were great weights on the girls btw. Mine were 6 lb 2 and 6 lb 8 and born at 36 wks and 1 day by c section. the bigger babe was breech. We found out at 6 wks. by u/s. The doc was expecting to find 5 babies judging by my levels! Any way, just...
MY boys will be 3 in June and are just now starting to really talk. I was real concerned at 2 yrs when they only said a couple of words and so I had them evaluated by a speech therapist. She assured me that they were fine and that it just took longer for twins to talk. My dd was speaking complete sentences at 12 months.
I never supplemented my twins even though the nurse at the ped. office said I would have to. At their 2 wk weight check they had not quite gained back their birth weight. The doc assured me that it was just that they were twins and that they would be fine to just keep on nursing. She was right. They're still nursing today. I think the boys were about 2 wks before I nursed the together also. I had a barracuda nurser and a lazy nurser. I also used the ez2nurse...
Haven't heard about it in pregnancy, but I know you're not supposed to give to babies under a yr because it has something to do with botulism. Might be the same reason for pregnancy.
I was just going to post the same thing. I would love to see a multiples board on the mothering forums I know there are plenty of moms on these boards that have multiples. I am breastfeeding, co sleeping and cloth diapering and can't find that type of support on any multiple site I have found on the internet.
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