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What about Kendall? I used that for one of my girls and I love it. For this one (due in July) I like: Riley Ella Jenna Rachel Audrey Carly and Eileen or, for a boy Reid Gavin Jack and Evan I will change my mind 1000 more times though.
Last night I was laying on the couch and my dd was finishing up coloring or something and came over to sit with me. I asked her to please sit with her daddy (in the chair) because I really needed to strech out. She says: "Weeellll, I need stretch out too. I'll lay next to you - my back is killing me" So funny. Her pg mama has been having a time with her back this week!
Another one not mentioned so far - I have a BS in Political Science with a minor in Art History. I loved college and hope to go back to school one day to get my Masters in Public Administration.
welcome and hello!
pleased to meet ya!
big hello to you!
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