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I am so sorry for your loss. I will be thinking of you.
Oh, and now you all have to say something about the part of the book you find the funniest/scariest/dumbest.... GO! lol
I think it is week 8 that all they talk about is miscarriage! How scary is that? I know miscarriage can happen(I have had 2). But the whole chapter? Mention the chances of miscarriage and move on! If I want to read about miscarriage I will buy a book for it!
But the book "What to Expect when you are Expecting" is just STOOPID I feel sorry for the first time moms who read that. I am also glad i didn't spend money on it! It was a gift. That is all.
Do you have names picked out? I feel like I am behind! I have just been waiting for the 2nd tri to begin before making a choice. I had names picked out last fall and then miscarried. Would it be weird to use names I had picked out for that baby?
I have had it once since becoming PG. It kinda grosses me out.
the bead exchange? Curious is all!
Thank you all so much for posting! And thanks for all the info on false positives.
Thank you everyone for your replies and support!
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