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Did anyone decide anything?
Um, did you mean 12 weeks? lol Congrats!
My work already knows. They are just being assholes now! It is the most fab place to work. Not.
I was outed at youngest dd's school! Maybe it was because I went to the bathroom a couple times then ran from the room to go puke? lol
Sounds like fun!
I am going for my screening on Monday. I will just be thrilled to see the heartbeat! But anything about the gender would be great, too!!
I am so sorry!
Ill be 10 weeks on Friday. My headaches are getting better but not completely gone. That is about it. My boobs feel like they are falling off and God help the person who touches them! And my m/s is getting worse.
It does not really matter what I eat! It is all coming back up anyway!
Count me in. BLAH!
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