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This is my first facilitator year, I have previously only browsed the forum.   I love the directness and intimacy of the help we can give, in contrast to larger organizations.   I love the idea of gifts finding a new home.  
I wouldn't ask my child to. In my opinion your kid should be able to choose, especially since not all your family members are vegan. It would likely seem unfair if you forced it on her, and as a vegan myself I'd hate for this decision to be viewed in negative light. YMMV, of course.  
Unless you really want to save that money, I'd suggest you are "normal" and can continue to order in. If you can order healthy-ish meals, or make your own dressing for salad etc. I don't see the harm at all. Why add more pressure to your day?  
We're having the chili cornbread pie from 500 Vegan Recipes. Yesterday's dinner was grilled tempeh and Veganomicon Cesar's Salad.  
sorry to hear about your mom, catnip. I hope she feels better soon.   hi, it's nice to meet everyone. I have been a regular to MDC for a couple of years but am now mostly lurking and sometimes not even that. We are struggling with infertility and this isn't always the best community to spend my spare time with! :) I used to read here a lot and just wanted to say you are not alone. I've been vegan for almost 10 years now, with a break while living in Japan (not sure...
I am usually a lurker on this thread as due to an illness DH is on medication right now that doesn't allow us to continue trying. Thus I have nothing really to contribute right now but we had been TTC #1 for 2.5 years before the illness so I definitely belong here. I just wanted to quickly tell deborah that I am really sorry for your losses. Ok, back to lurking for now!
hi bekkers! I cannot speak for all the cities, it will really depend on where you live, and also I know nothing about jerky as a vegetarian and have no food allergies, as a result I don't check for these ingredients often. That said, maybe this will help you: Rewe stores (supermarket chain) have baby carrots, I assume other big supermarkets like Kaufland, Combi etc will do as well. In our Rewe the pre-washed baby carrots can be found near the fruit/veg section in a...
I finished another coffee cozy, I gifted the first two so now this one's for us.
congrats on baby potatocraft! okimom, good luck moving. may you find everything quickly afterwards!   I finished my coffee cozy, and have started on teabag wrappers for a valentine's day swap. fun and easy! It's from this tutorial: http://www.creaturecomfortsblog.com/home/2009/1/23/free-printable-valentine-teabag-wrappers-tags.html
I am sewing my coffee cozy TODAY. you can hold me accountable ;) but seriously, I don't mind if I am slow because I want the crafts to be fun and relaxing and not another item on my to do list...
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