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I check this site daily:  http://www.organicdeals.com/
Thanks again, IO!   I think I can swing hosting a craft/supply swap sometime in January in case anyone has time to sit by a cozy fire and craft...
I just added pics and a few more packages (sorry!).  I'm post #4.  
Yikes, my weekend was busy with ticks and croup, so I only have a little to put up right now.  I'm adding a couple of pics.
I'll take some pics on Sat of things I have right now.  Earrings aren't selling as well as necklaces, so I have fewer earrings around.  
Two thoughts come to mind.  First, is the lying new or could it be a reaction to her loss?  And second, assuming their relationship was fine, your brother chose her and I think it would be nice to respect that for his sake.     My sister took her life and my parents lied and took money from me, so I get it.  
Ooh, mittens and hats!   Sweet Tea, what kind of earrings are you thinking of?
sarasprings I'm in the US. I'll ship to the US and Canada.   I'll swap as many packages as I'm matched for.     ss1.  Hand Stamped Necklace A sterling disc hand stamped with a design (coming soon) or initial and hung on a sterling ball chain.  Designs include sports, om, infinity, horse head, tutu, heart, peace, autism puzzle piece, dog paw and more.   http://img3.etsystatic.com/il_fullxfull.63019347.jpg   ss2.  Scrabble Tile Necklace 3 scrabble tile...
Ooh, I'm probably in.  Nice to see you IA!
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