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I have Whole Foods for the Whole Family and use it as a good basic cookbook. It doesn't have use sea vegetables that I've noticed, but it uses a bunch of varied whole grains, as well as oil (rather than butter or crisco). Cynthia Lair has a cook book that uses sea veggies and has a bunch of grain recipes that we like. My new favorite cookbook is by Lorna Sass. It has Ecological in the title. THis one is vegetarian, but she uses flax and sea veggies in the...
We are just about to wean our 21 month old. We're waiting until Feb break and will do a modified Dr. Jay Gordon plan. I have to reread some info to have a starting plan. We start on Friday!
Thanks again for the info. I've been telling DH about your advice and he definitely seems ready to try again. I'll be lurking here for a to get more info.
Thanks for your responses. I did start browsing the reviews here a little. I'll try to look at more in the next few days. We had many problems. First, we did a diaper service, so we spent a lot of money, the quality was very so-so. No one we knew could help us with folding (not even my mother who used to do it). We used 10 diapers ($100) the first month. DS screamed for the first 4 months of his life, so we were totally frazzled and disposable diapers were faster...
We started DS out in cds, but it didn't work well for us. I have felt horribly guilty for using disposibles. DH is willing to try again, now, and I'm definitely ready to switch. I plan on buying them from the TP, but have absolutely no idea what to even look for. DS is 21 months, about 25 lbs and on the short side. He's started telling us when he's pottying (so I imagine that with in about 6 -8 months he'll be ready to train). I've been browsing here and the TP for a...
We went to our second p-c class on Monday and one thing that strikes me is that the teacher is not very warm. I am just beginning to learn about Waldorf and signed up for this class to learn more. So, I'm interested in finding out if this is normal or the teacher may be a reserved person.
Could I change too? Mine is my location -- which I chose because it was my name on ebay. I'd like Dandelionmane, if possible, please.
My husband teaches kindergarten and uses the letter people. He says his students like most of the songs and really enjoy singing them. He has inflatable ones that get hung on the wall. He does much more than use the dittos (Although, he does use them for when the students first come in. His students don't have to finish them, but they are there for when they finish all of their morning stuff like hanging up their coat and taking care of lunch orders, etc.). I know...
Chicken tacos sound great. I have made only one crockpot recipe that I would make again. The rest (about 15) have been pretty disappointing.
Wegman's has a huge selection of Bionaturae, but where I live, there is one store (health) with one type of pasta that is that brand -- so I stock up when I visit my relatives. The bag is a tan color and the pasta is made in Italy. We found that Hodgson Mills had a very grainy texture, this brand did not.
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