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Hello all I haven't posted in forever, but just wanted to say a hello to all the tattooed and pierced mama's out there To recap I am a heavily tattooed mama with a chest piece and working on my sleeves and I also have my ears stretched to 1 inch. I also have one branding. Ive been having a hard time finding mothers to relate to in my town. I wish I lived in a bigger town with a larger community of heavily tattooed mothers. So I figured id come back on here and find...
I honestly just don't understand all this I feel like such a horrible mother when it comes to my ds teeth. The two front teeth are just horrible and he's going in for caps in December. I do the best I can. I was raised eating really bad im the only one in my entire family that raises their children like I do. Im a young mother and I don't have anyone to go to on advice. My Mom didn't even know you needed to brush baby teeth. Im just totally lost on vitamins, minerals...
My 19 month old nurses A LOT. What seems to help is keeping him busy and out of the house (which is hard since we are stuck at home all day most days). If we are at home all day he nurses a lot more then if we are out and about. He still and always has been a constant nurser at night. For the first time I have started to not enjoy nursing but then again I cant imagine not nursing. The boob always fixes everything I dont know what I would do without it
Thats so awesome you were able to get through it that gives me hope! Ds 16months I dont know the last time I slept for even 3 hours with out waking up. I know this wont last forever he wont be in highschool waking me up every 15mins (oh wait sometimes its even only 10 secs off the breast) I just dont know how much more I can take.
Cool to see alot of tattoo pierced mamas I always feel alone most of the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by sunkist33 I have this, too~ a mother's intuition in the pit of my stomach that I shouldn't vaccinate for some reason. That's what led me to start researching & the more I'm researching, the more I'm finding that the risks outweigh the benefits & I see no reason to vaccinate at this point. The lack of long-term studies and the push for more & more vaccines (and "super-vaccines" where they combine them) really scares...
That wouldn't really bother me... I'm not embarrassed that we hardly have any money and plans always change. Sometimes staying at home turns into going to the zoo which turns into going to the mall and if I cant afford it I suggest going to the park if they don't want to then I go alone no biggy. Most people don't care and if someone is gonna look down on me for not being able to afford to take my kid somewhere I don't really want to spend time with them if I don't have...
mmmmmmmmm all those are yummy! I don't like avocados though wish I did they look soo delicious and coming from a family who eats them A LOT it was hard to always explain I just don't like them
Mostly very very happy to have him leave lately. The less we are together the happier we are :P these days. I like when hes here and I dont have to see him, like when he takes ds the entire morning before he goes to work and I can nap and shower. I use to hate him going to work but now I think I wouldent mind if he was gone for weeks the only thing I'd miss was the free time in the morning.
Awesome! Im not as crazy about her as I use to be but still think she is still very rad.
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