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My sister had meningitis at 12 months old. She'd been sick/feverish, and then began to scream in pain when her legs were lifted during diaper changes. That's what clued our mom in that something was really wrong, and is something to look out for in babies too young to put chin to chest. Edited to add why I generally don't agree w/ giving fever reducers -- because they often take away the aches and pains that make a child want to rest, which is exactly what they need in...
Thank you for both replies, Sayward. Right after I started this thread, I noticed that the one with your recipe got bumped -- until then, I'd forgotten where I'd seen it -- so I went ahead and pm'd you because I was desperate to make this dessert! In case anyone is wondering, it's in "ideas for vegan desserts that taste good". The torte is in the freezer, and I can tell it's gonna be.
I'm making a raw vegan dessert that requires "previously soaked" cashews. How long should I soak them in order for them to blend to a creamy consistency?
Quote: Originally Posted by Chamomile Girl I recommend Ravenswood Sonoma County Old Vine Zin (NOT the "vintner's blend" which is icky). The Napa County Old VIne Zin is good too (but not as good as the Sonoma). I guess the choice in my area isn't so great as I couldn't find any of the wines suggested. I did find Ravenswood Lodi Old Vine Zin, so that is what I bought. I hope it's good! Thanks again, everyone, for your help.
I'd be inclined to ask the smacker how she'd feel if someone hit her and called her a bad parent for not sending her child to school! My kids are/were homeschooled, so I'm not being critical of that, just pointing out how ridiculous it is to criticize a parenting choice when she herself is choosing something outside of the mainstream. I think filing a police report is ott, but I'd definitely notify the group leader and try to educate this parent -- moreso on respecting...
Thank you all for the suggestions! On the very rare occasion (like, once a year) that I actually drink wine, I only ever have white. I have never liked red wine, so wouldn't be able to taste and choose for myself. Imports from all over are readily available here, so I'll see if I can find any of the ones mentioned. I'm curious to know, from a wine-lover's point of view, what is considered an "every day price".
I would like to give my s-i-l a bottle of red wine for her b'day this weekend, but I know nothing about choosing a good wine. I know she prefers red, not too dry or sweet and not a strong oak taste. Nothing expensive, but a good quality every-day wine. Suggestions please!
James Taylor? Crosby, Stills & Nash?
salsa (home-made to avoid vinegar) pesto
Quote: Originally Posted by Linda on the move YouTube isn't a social networking site. Oh, I know. I use it myself to watch various things. My dd wants to put up her own videos (for example, of herself riding horses). That's where my concerns about privacy come from. Can the account be set up so that only people she gives permission to can access/comment on her videos? If so, is it really, truly private? I guess my questions are more...
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