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Quote: Originally Posted by MusicianDad You sweep the kitchen floor, then vaccuume it just in case. I sweep the dirt into a neat pile and then vacuum up the pile. And then I vacuum the broom bristles.
[QUOTE=NC EcoMaMa;14584763I should have worded this better. When looking at baked goods or the pie crust look for Parve.[/QUOTE] I knew that's what you meant. I was just thinking that maybe someone new to vegan eating might take it to mean that all pareve foods are vegan. Yes, the labelling in the U.S. is tricky. I always read the ingredients if it's a product I'm not familiar with because animal ingredients turn up in the most unexpected places!
Quote: Originally Posted by rhiandmoi Parve means that is neutral, so having neither meat (lard) or dairy (butter). Right, but products containing fish (for example, kosher gelatin) can be parve. Not likely an issue when looking for pie crusts, but I didn't want anyone to mistakenly think that a product labeled parve was automatically vegan.
Quote: Originally Posted by NC EcoMaMa Look for the word Kosher Parve and that will let you know it is vegan. I don't know all the specifics, but I'm positive that parve does NOT = vegan!
Quote: Originally Posted by Noelle C. Don't be deterred by people who will say you should just take the bun with you. Well, no matter how determined I might be to keep him, he's not allowed on the flight. Period. If I could carry him on, I would! I wouldn't subject him to the baggage area even if that were allowed. He is a domestic rabbit that we found abandoned at a local park, and he's the sweetest bunny ever. I would take him to an...
My family is moving soon to England, and I need to find a home for our bunny! He's a dwarf, litter trained, gentle, friendly, healthy and comes with all supplies needed. I'm willing to drive a little bit if it means bringing him to a good home. Please pm me if you can help. Thanks!
My family is moving to England, and we cannot take our gentle, adorable, healthy, litter trained dwarf bunny with us. Please pm me if you can give him a good home.
I'm a little north of Miami, but have been in actual Miami a few times. I'm sure you're aware that South Florida is HOT, but words cannot express how overwhelming it is in summer. Also, this area is home to some of the planet's worst drivers. Forget rude and obnoxious; they are downright dangerous. On the positive side, my kids have enjoyed the wildlife. Iguanas are all over the place, along with geckos and various lizards of all sizes. We've seen a family of...
Quote: Originally Posted by sparkygirl74 I think I am going to give up I don't think I lost it....I think it might have been taken I'm sorry.
Quote: Originally Posted by sparkygirl74 That's great! Mow does he want to come find my purse I wish he could! He's not psychic, just has an amazing memory. He's takes in every detail around him and does not forget. He knew right where it was when I asked him (and it was not an obvious place). Good luck finding your purse -- that would stress me out so much.
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