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Mama Lori, Nourishing Traditions really isn't psycho! I'm reading a book called Food in History (not a cookbook, but a history book) and it confirms a lot of the ideas in N.T. There were good reasons people ate the way they did in the past. But... I understand if you don't want a major shift in your eating style. So, you might like LLL's Whole Foods for the Whole Family.
I had a "double J" stent for several weeks. I was diagnosed w/ large kidney stones 2 days before I was due to leave the country for a vacation we'd planned for a year. I was not about to cancel my trip (we were staying w/ family in a place w/ accessible medical care), so the doctor agreed to place a stent to allow my kidneys to drain until I got back. I don't remember if I had anaesthesia because I was "out of it" from the demerol I had in the ER. I was fully conscious...
Diabetes can cause rapid weight loss. Even if you feel well, losing weight when you're eating properly is not normal. If you're sure that you're getting adequate calories (sometimes busy moms over-estimate what they eat) and the loss continues, please see a doctor!
Thank you, Erin! I will look for these.
My sister has recently gone dairy-free but misses cheese. What are the tastiest vegan brands? TIA!
I've been trying to increase my iron intake and saw on a 12 oz. can of carrot juice that it contained 90% RDI of iron, as well as 50% RDI of vitamin C to help absorb the iron. The only listed ingredient was carrot juice. I haven't yet checked lables of other brands. This one was canned and not all that tasty, but still far better than the awful herbal tonic I've resorted to in the past. I'm sure fresh, or even jarred, is much nicer. Any way, could it really be that...
Adding that, like elismom, I'm not a medical expert. Just another hypothyroid mom. When I was diagnosed, my TSH was 43 and my symptoms weren't even that noticeable. I'd also ask for a complete thyroid profile because thyroid disease still can be present even if TSH appears normal. Best wishes!
My ds had night terrors, but he was much older--around 20 months-2.5. They weren't frequent (maybe once a month) and we didn't do anything but sit w/ him until they were over (5-10 minutes). I've never heard of them in a baby so young. A friend whose dd (about 2 at the time) had them every night took her child to a sleep specialist. He told her to wake the child as soon as she was soundly asleep, then let her fall asleep again. I can't remember what the...
Get a thyroid function test! It's a simple blood test. All of your symptoms are associated w/ thyroid disease, which is usually easily corrected.
Ds was 3.5 months. Dd had teething symptoms starting around the same age, and I thought she'd get them early too. But hers didn't show up 'til 7.5 months.
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