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Why are you still worried?  They won't repeat the test.  If you are really worried about antibiotics, I would be more worried about PROM than possibly developing GBS at this point.  
I would be worried about the peroxide causing PPROM if you are already dilated.
This.  That is a really dangerous suggestion.  Don't do that!   I'm sorry your LO is sick.  I would go back to the ped.   
DD had it happen and we have no fluoride in our water at all.
DD's top front four teeth had basically no enamel on the back and all four required significant work last month. She now has caps on all 4 teeth, and the front two required root canals. We were lucky to find a great dentist who was able to do it under GA in a surgery center.
You're his lawyer right? I think you owe it to the kid to drive to actually MEET him. If you are incapable of providing adequate representation because of your pregnancy I think you should find someone else to replace you or go out on disability now (I know my OB wanted to put me on disability at 36 weeks). Also, you're relying on information from his parents, who lost custody? Finally, I'm not an attorney, but it seems like you might be violating his...
Please, please take her to the ER immediately. And then update because I'm really worried about your LO. A friend of a friend had an orbital fracture. The swelling inside, around the sinus cavities, tore the skin at the corner of her eyes.
The lissa beat me to it - I'm confused too. I also don't understand why you'd have to change the name of a baby that isn't born yet? She doesn't legally have a name yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by SneakyPie Every time I see a thread about children EATING, posted in the Discipline forum, it makes me want to cry. Your children are hungry. Please let them eat. I could frankly not care less whether my son is eating at "mealtimes" or getting his nutrition through "snacks." If your children are able to nourish themselves without even inconveniencing you, I don't see why they have to match their times of hunger to when...
Quote: Originally Posted by FiddleMama Taking the time to teach and parent means different things to different people. I'd rather my kids have a safe place to explore freely than have a picture perfect living room. I'd rather cage the tree than the kid, but that's just me. Exactly this. I think if anything on this thread is "not parenting" I'm going to have to go with putting the baby in a playpen rather than putting a gate around the...
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