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It sounds like the antiserum IS TIG? I don't know the difference can someone elaborate? OP I think you made a well thought out decision.
Is Calpol (UK) the same as Tylenol (US)? Because if so (and I think it is...It's Paracetamol which isn't that British for Acetaminophen? I just came back from there visiting family and I noticed that Calpol seemed to be the only pain med/fever reducer I could find for babies. I never had to give it thankfully but my DDs both got a very uncomfortable virus while we were there and I wanted to have some sort of pain med on hand for them for when we came back on the plane...
What did you decide. OP?
IMO, vitamin K is not comparable to a vaccine. Just because it is a shot it tends to get lumped in with them but it's really totally different when you look at why it's given and how the body processes it.
I'm a nervous sort about wounds in general, and I tend to clean every little one with hydrogen peroxide. Antibacterial and added bonus of oxygenating an area which tetanus wouldn't like. Plus it brings splinters to the surface. I prefer if my DDs wear shoes when they play in the dirt, but I don't make them on a beach, water, or grass area.
I don't think he is right. Most large hospital ER depts carry TIG. I've spoken to our ped about this subject as well.
There have been none in the recent years in CA or the US.
I have always wondered this exact same question. Thanks for asking!
This is a great thread. Thanks!
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