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sassy, does your DD take the Klaire children's chewable or the Ther-biotic capsule that she swallows?
We used to use Udo's which we loved, but then DD2 came along and had a dairy sensitivity, we we switched the whole family to Klare Labs.
The reuters article has an expert interviewed saying that it may stabilize in 2% of the population (1:50). I wonder how this may change human evolution?
I do not think you should blame yourself or even the vaccines, easy as it may be. It sounds genetic to me. I am so glad you understand it and can help him learn to cope with it. Hugs
Plain TT also still has a full 25mcg thimerasol....
Does he watch "Little Bear"? My 4 year old asked me about mumps recently--I guess little bear gets it in a cartoon! (He was fine, got to eat ice cream a lot.)
Your link doesn't work! I was really interested in it. Can you find it another way?
I appreciate your alternative vision and I will take a lot into consideration. We are sticking with a "grade level" because I really don't know if we will homeschool forever. I need us to fit somewhat into traditional thinking confines because of that...
This has all been super helpful, I really appreciate your BTDT replies.   And I always wondered if the photo was fake.  It makes a great avatar though :)
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