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Wow Applejuice!  Great info!  I had no idea...
Oh no worries for your worry.  I think it's healthy to worry as a new parent about all sorts of things.  Superficial splinters aren't a real worry.  If she stepped on a huge 2 inch wood spike that went under her toenail deep and didn't bleed, I'd probably worry.  My older DD gets a lot of splinters.   I use hydrogen peroxide, it adds oxygen to the area (which is good because tetanus lives in only anerobic conditions), it cleans it from any other bacterial nasties, and it...
We do a cord blood sample at birth too. But it's given at 28 weeks to all Rh negative women. Insurance will not cover tires and it's really not a titre anyway, it's more like an antigen sensitivity test But there is no thimerasol in it anyway these days.
The things I learn on MDC! Really. I love all the knowledge on here. I started midwifery school in 2004, so all I ever learned (and advised clients) was that Rhogam was thimerasol free. I had no idea of the shady past. Thanks for the education. Really.
Taxi--what did you mean by "did the mother recieve Rhogam during her pregnancy?" I understand your dental work question (amalgams causing mercury leaching through the placenta in large amounts) but why Rhogam? It does not contain thimerasol nor any other "bad" preservatives.
I think this article belongs here because at the end of the CNN story about this new mutation, it starts recommending parents vaccinate against polio and going into a polio spiel. So I do think it's relevant in this forum.
I (thankfully) don't have a vaccine injured child--but I have a degree and don't vaccinate . I hate when people try to say "if those parents were just EDUCATED people they wouldn't choose to withhold vaccination."
I would wait, personally. I have an 18 mo old and a 4.5 year old. I have been offered CP a handful of times and still want to wait until they are older and more concious of why we are exposing them. I'd like them to have a choice and be old enough to understand that it will be itchy and they will feel lousy but it will go away.
The stats are nationwide 1% of kids have not been vaccinated 'on schedule" but only .3% have been completely unvaccinated.  I hope that answers your question, OP.  I have two .3%-ers myself.  My pediatrician is respectful and I personally have never met a IRL person who was not respectful of my choice.  I have "met" MANY online people who were antagonistic to a fault, but never IRL.  I don't hide their vax status but I don't tell people unless they ask or it comes up. ...
It isn't like it's been 20 kids in a few weeks---It's been since 2012.  They are just releasing it now.  And all the 20 kids were fully vaccinated for polio.  They are thinking it's another enterovirus (which polio and other common viruses like hand foot and mouth) are part of the same grouping.  And that the virus itself is relatively common but in rare cases it can cause severe effects like paralysis.  The CNN article...
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