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Mirzam is right. Sally Fallon, author of Nourishing Traditions is the one who publicly stated that she feels that the breastmilk of any mother not following a WAPF diet is nutritionally deficient and they should make her formula recipe. I found that appalling. I do enjoy much of what the WAPF says but I also do not ever consider them a scientific source. More like a nutrition blog.
You are so so welcome
I could not agree more.  The discrepancy between countries is one of the many things that first got me questioning routine vaccination.
I was wondering if you could just fly home to visit family in Canada and get him the adult dt there.  But then I realized flying every few months from Australia would not be financially an option of most humans.  The deviation between recommendations between countries just floors me.  It is one of the things that causes my vaccine questioning for myself.  You are doing a great job to be so on top of it.  The DT or dt (for the tetanus) is one of the vaccines I contemplate...
http://www.voicesforvaccines.org/leaving-the-anti-vaccine-movement/   Sounds legit (As opposed to Amy Parker who I am still convinced made her story up at least partially).  I wonder if this mama is one of the ones we debate with in the vaccine debate forum?
Regardless of whether you vax on schedule or not at all--The baby would still be well below the age to have completed his/her primary series of DTaP at 1 month of age.  So just take a deep breath. Search these forums, there is a wealth of information on here.
Japonica, I think you have a excellent plan.  I consider myself a reluctant non-vaxxer, and I always am in research mode to acertain if we should selectively start.  My kids are much younger than yours, however.  I think we will be thinking much more about things once they get more independent.  I am sad to hear you cannot get the pediatric DT series there.  It is so odd how vaccines differ by country, both with schedule and availability.
Oh, I just saw the gender of your kids was in your sig!  Sorry :)
Japonica---Since you are doing a very delayed primary series, I am curious which ones you are doing for your older kids?  You don't have to give much detail, I am just curious what they got as their primary series at that age.
Sweet Silver, do you have boys or girls?  Because the risk of RA associated with the Rubella aspect of the MMR goes up to 1:4 in a girl's early teens  (As per the CDC pink book.)  So if you have girls and want them to get an MMR booster, I'd say do it before age 13.  I agree with Japonica--Checking their titres for the MMR makes so much sense, they might still be immune and a booster not needed.
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