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yep, definitely get the package. they will do fine!
Hi all. I am also a relatively new beek. I have one Langstroth and one TBH. I only have bees in the lang atm. We will order two pkgs. this year and will put a package in the TBH this spring. If my colony makes it through the winter (so far so good) we will have three colonies! We use the crush and strain method for honey extraction. I used one food grade 5 gallon bucket on top of another fg 5 gallon bucket. The top one has a million tiny holes in the bottom of it to...
do you have ANY caraway? if so, just grind up what you have so that it will impart more flavor. Caraway is pretty distinct. I don't know of anything you could really substitute with.
I'll third The Union. I know I'm at my wits end with the state I live in. So much in fact, that we are moving in the fall to one of THE states. Fall isn't coming soon enough for me!
Quote: Originally Posted by mattemma04 Thanks for the blog link! I had to laugh seeing the prius.Dh just bought a new one and I had it stuffed with 4 bales of straw,salt,and feed bags.I could use a rack.Where did you get yours? I am going to seriously look into bees.Maybe I can get a local to help me start mine.I do have a lot of bees in the yard,but would loooove the honey and wax if I had a hive. I only have some pics of my yard here at...
Yeah, we use the prius for goat, hay, feed, chickens... we LOVE it! The rack we got at a local specialty place. Anyplace that sells yakima or thule racks and bars, you should find something suitable. I am hoping the garden area will be a lot more impressive this year. I definitely have more confidence and experience with livestock than I do with my green thumb, but I'd like to step that up a few thousand notches. lol In spite of the fact that we are planning a...
Mostly jerseys, but I know they have a few random cows thrown in they bought from other, closing dairies. Grass/hay fed during the winter and grass fed in the summer. I love the milk. If you ask me, it's WAY better than the Redmond milk at Real Foods. It just tastes better. The only thing that would make it better is if they would send it out in glass, like our old dairy did. They use plastic jugs.
We can always use more dependable members. The more members, the less often you have to drive!
I have bees in a regular Langstroth hive, but we will be adding to the apiary with a TOP BAR HIVE (the v shaped ones) in the spring. My husband made one relatively simply. My blog has a lot of pictures, I think. There is even a video there of me installing my bees last spring. At least it will point you to the photo albums if nothing else. lol. I haven't updated much in the last 6 months, so i missed a lot of the "little details" of the homestead that the photo albums...
you don't need much space to have chickens. if you want to free range them AND keep a garden or plants though, you will need to separate them... WELL. I am on .48 acre, but you can raise a few hens on a regular city lot easy.
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