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Oh yeah, the milk is $6.13 a gallon, paid in advance at the Dairy website. We get fresh milk weekly. So far, I have driven maybe once a month? The more people that join, the less we have to drive.
I am currently in a raw milk co-op in SLC and we REALLY would love more drivers!!! We order from Huckleberry Dairy and the pick up point is in Pleasant Grove. You can go to the yahoo group to join!
I have .48 acre and I have bees, chickens, quail and a goat. I also have large gardens that could be much much larger, a giant cherry tree, some shade trees, play area and have room for a few more fruit trees. I'm in the city. I don't grow all my animal feed on this (haven't tried) but they free range plenty. I don't buy a lot of chicken feed in the summer. It IS fenced. You can do a lot with .5!!!!
Hi mamas! My 2 youngest daughters and I are planning an extended road trip from Salt Lake City to NOLA, where my oldest daughter presently lives. She's living in a tiny studio, so although we might spend one or two nights with her, we would really like to find our own "space" so that we can stay longer without causing any discomfort! I don't know a lot about the area, nor do we know any crunchy (or otherwise, lol) folks nearby. We are looking for camping...
subbing... been gone too long... but i am BACK!
Rico Local carries a selection of local/grass fed meats. I usually pick up several packs of meat out of the freezer when I pick up my raw milk. They always have some things available. You can also look here. As far as chickens go. This year we raised our own. I have a freezer FULL of home grown, pastured, happy, healthy chickens. It was pretty easy to do. They were ready for harvest in only 8 weeks. They only ended up costing about $8-10 per whole bird. They...
Olya: just noticed we were at the same festival last night. : Julie L. here
I have been wanting dreads for YEARS. I have put them in twice, by myself, in the most sucky manner, so of course they all fell out. I just couldn't get them in by myself. I will GLADLY help you put some in YOUR hair, if you can help get them in MY hair. Not professional, but dedicated. I used to go to LF too, but when I was going, they weren't doing them, so My stylist has since moved so I haven't been there for over a year. I am also interested in leads on...
New Posts  All Forums: