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WHEW! uke We have one egg that must have been cracked in the incubator. Couldn't find the crack, so we sniffed each egg. Finally found the offending candidate and chunked it! omg that was some stinkiness!!! Now down to 52 eggs in the incubator and 10ish days to go! : I like how easy they are to keep too, and really don't mind that they are more skittish than the chickens. It makes harvesting that much easier, as we don't get as attached to them. They aren't very...
Did you find your coop? I know a lot of mamas with chickens & many of us built our own coops. I have one home built, and one that I bought from someone who was tired of their chickens. I have a lot of chickens.
Just a quick update... garden of the phoenix, I tell ya... Pretty much all of those plants (at least the ones I didn't pull out of ground) GREW BACK UP OUT OF THE GROUND! All new greens came up out of the rootball. I never tested the soil, as we had spent so much already. I just planted some things in containers, and planted another area. I gave up on these beds. I figured I would use them this fall or next spring. Everything just started growing back. It's all...
I just had 6 new little coturnix born on Friday! : It was our first time using the new incubator and I had given up on them, turned off the incubator and everything! DD#2 was "harvesting" them over the compost as a "biology experiment" and came running back, saying they HAD grown, and were very much alive! Back in the incubator, two days later, we had pips!!! Out of 24 eggs, we ended up with 6 cuties. I am honestly surprised ANY made it, given the poor incubation care!...
There is no way I could free range my quail. They would surely fly away! I do, however, put them in a "quail tractor" for bugs, greens, dustbaths and sunshine. The cats would LOVE to eat them. I also have chickens. The quail are by FAR: cleaner quieter cuter tastier easier but also smaller.
I've culled down to 3 roosters, 8 hens. I have 25 more in the incubator.
I'm no help, but was doing my own search here on MDC about graham flour and this thread popped up. I just got 5 lbs. from Azure Standard and was looking for a recipe for graham crackers. I'm excited to try it out! My real question is... can you sub graham flour equally in recipes for "regular" flour?
I found some instructions here.
I just wanted to see if anyone ELSE raises quail; Coturnix or otherwise. For anyone that doesn't know... these quail are fully grown and laying/ready to harvest in 6-8 weeks. : I don't know about you, but that is a far cry from my chickens that I just feed and feed... and feed. : Anyway... any other quail keepers out there?
Quote: Originally Posted by snanna And what would a "clutch" on a door be, anyway? Yeah, my doors don't have a clutch, however I have definitely been in the evil clutches of a bad cold! I agree with you OP!
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