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Quote: Originally Posted by Teenytoona people put out everything they don't want anymore with intentions of it going in the garbage truck. I'm the neighborhood cleanup pile rummaging QUEEN : I've retrieved chairs, shelves, rabbit cages, cat trees, desks, papasan chairs, bricks, rocks and logs. lots and lots of logs. An iron fire pit. THAT is a find! Of course I love to spin the wheel of freecycle too. Dea: I'll try to get your kefir...
having a super rough day myself to the mamas in the same boat.
I'm doing a children's garden too. Along with the bean teepee, I've got strawberries planted along the length, a cherry tomato and a ground cherry. I wanted kid favorites that would be suitable for them to pick and eat directly off the plant while playing in the area.
Congrats Helen!!! Happy Beltaine for those who celebrate it. I got one kid out of the house, I get the other one sound asleep and I'm all ready for you know, and I see that at 10 pm, the dh is on the couch asleep himself. Such is the way, isn't it? Some Beltaine. That's why I am on MDC at 10:30pm on a Friday night... at Beltaine. The only birds and bees I got to see today were in the backyard. :
I make sure to have lots of "free" time. Unscheduled, unstructured, unplanned... TIME. I need it probably more than anyone. We usually only schedule one or two things a week.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dea Or do you have PP? I do. pm me your addy and I'll ship them, then I'll let you know how much shipping was. Quote: Originally Posted by Dea Who knew toddlers were so much fun? Me too! I knew! : Quote: Originally Posted by Teenytoona Hey Julie, are those water or milk kefir grains ya got? I have milk kefir grains, although I did convert some to water,...
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie have you considered just braiding it into the size/ shape dreads you want and letting them grow in that way? interesting you mention that... when i have worn braids all over my head for a week or more, i noticed them starting up. I didn't know if they would actually stay tho. I figured the braids would hold the hair uniform enough that it would keep it from knotting hmmm... thanks mf!
Quote: Originally Posted by PlayaMama every time i have to plant somethign new i end up being rushed to finish before linnaea drops the seeds everywhere or squishes the seedlings lol... Ember JUST dumped out two packets of peas; cramming about 10 in her mouth, picked up a potted tomato by the TOP and swung it around madly, and chased the cat (who was trying to take a crap in my newly dug & planted garden) ACROSS said newly dug & planted garden...
I've used whatever rocks and logs I've found on my property and dug up while tilling. It doesn't exactly "hold" the dirt in (i've only hand placed them there, no nails or anything) but it frames the garden beds quite nicely.
So expert mamas... I haven't brushed my hair in about 3 weeks. Dh says I will be very unhappy with the results if I don't separate the sections and "do them the way you actually want them". Sure, my hair is a LITTLE bit tangled up, but it most certainly is no where near anything LIKE locing up. (I'm the pathetic white girl with fine, straight hair-3 time dread failure )He won't help me with it (although he likes the results). I do have a friend who hates dreads who said...
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