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Quote: Originally Posted by PlayaMama avoid the pain that conformity caused me. I saw how painful the attempt to conform was, so I never wanted to conform, and it STILL caused me pain. I finally learned that I just don't fit. Ever. and that's just going to have to be ok. I guess it's a good thing I like my own company. I look at my home-schooled dd#2, who with her young woman's body popping out before my eyes and peeking out from under...
Quote: Originally Posted by noordinaryspider So now I know what it feels like to rent my kid a tuxedo for the Junior Prom. : Sorry NOS, I gotta laugh. Take everything into perspective. As distasteful as the prom/tuxedo idea is, (and it is to me) it sure beats the hell outta driving to Vegas to pick up a very badly beaten 17.75 year old and her 2 year old because she made decisions contrary to her parents own suggestions or wishes, when she...
Quote: Originally Posted by henny penny "fart eggs"! I have one hen that occasionally lays JUST the yolk... no shell. My Americauna lays every shade of green and blue... I thought one chicken=one color... nope. I can't wait until my pullets start laying their cute little weird ones. Then there are the quail... I'm obsessed with eggs.
Quote: Originally Posted by slgt Hey - happy Earth Day, everyone! What are you doing to celebrate & take care of our planet today? This morning, I built a new compost bin and proceeded to fill it with my two makeshift compost piles. It is nearly compost already, so by midsummer, I will be able to put it in my garden. This afternoon, I am going to till up the spots where the OLD compost heaps were and put in another veggie bed. ::: If I get...
I see all kinds of eggs: long skinny ones, bumpy calcified ones, perfectly round ones... interesting just how many variations of normal there are!
: : : : : : : A happy green week filled with happy green things!
yay! cosmos! : Thanks for the info. I really wanted a huge yard so I could do this, now I'm afraid and almost want to put all my stuff in containers. : I've already learned a LOT about gardening and I don't even have a lot of it tilled up!
:::: Happy Day Mamas!
I have BEES! If you don't want to sit through 7:30 of video, you can see stills HERE. So excited! :
Wow! New beekeeper here... SO Jealous! :
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