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Hello! My son recently weaned at only 19 months. Now it has been two months and of course I can still express milk. I try every couple of weeks just to know whats going on with my body. Anyways, I tried this evening in the shower and the milk that came out was very yellow. It has never looked like this before. It kinda freaked me out. Does anyone know what this is, and if it is normal? Thanks! Amie
I REALLY hate this. So much that I put these wipes aside and only bring them out in emergencies. I had some that rolled completely up. I am not normally a wasteful person, but these went in the trash! Now I only buy the darling diapers wipes because I know they wont roll on me!
I have been waiting all month to snag large natural with natural serging and I missed it . I am soo sad. I wonder when she will get more in.
Thanks for that info. I will go dig out my tape measure just to make sure!
OMG! It is so funny that you posted this. I just had my DH run to the mailbox and found my package from PP. I am convinced she sent me the wrong size, and, if this really is a medium, I may need to send it back for a small. This thing is HUGE! My son is tall & lean weighing 21lbs at 14mo. I will just have to test this on him tomorrow when we wakes up. I still think its a large, though.
How much are large fireflys, and would anyone mind PM'ing me her phone #? Thanks!
I was JUST going to post something about this! I just got my first firefly yesterday and I LOVE IT! I can't wait to get more!
I was soo bummed that she didn't have any medium wool stocked. I did get a really cute diaper though!
Got the PM! I am in Phoenix, in the northwest part. I sure would love to be in Flagstaff right now! Actually I would have loved to have been there all summer! We usually make a trip up your way every winter to play in the snow. Can't wait for the little one to experience snow!
Aagggh! I have been waiting all week for the stocking. Oh new sugarpeas colors, where are you??? I know as soon as I leave the house or something she is going to stock and I won't get my white wool cover . I sure wish she would stock soon! Okay, done ranting now!
New Posts  All Forums: