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Yep, I have an engagement ring. Infact I just got it 4 days ago when DF proposed to me!
Where did it go?
Quote: I get so angry that I just scream at him, literally. Lately, I smashed part of his stereo system on the garage floor. I made sure that it was never going to work again. HAHAHAHA. For retribution, he smashed one of my 3 sewing machines. Quote: I've even hit him afew times, because of my frustration. He's threatened to hit me, but never has. This is why I said that I think your home is not safe, stable and happy. I grew up...
I need help for depression. I have never got any help for issues in my childhood, and I feel I could really benefit from some talk therapy. I have been on Zoloft after my DD was born for PPD, and went off because I wanted to see if I could deal without drugs. Turns out I am still dealing with depression. My moods are affecting my relationship with the most loving, supportive man in the world. I feel overcome with anger for stupid little things, just like my dad. I do not...
I used to do acid too, so I understand how it affects a person. I am really worried that your DD is living in an dangerous environment. Imagine what would happen if your partner had some bad trip where he ended up hurting the baby! Anyone can have a very bad trip no matter how used to the drug they are. For the sake of your child PLEASE get some counciling. It sounds like your home is very unstable, with violence and seriouse mind altering drugs. That is no way for a...
We've had a Dr call us to schedual an appointment just to tell us that lab test came back okay. I wouldn't worry until you hear what the results are.
My baby girl is turning one tomarrow! I totally know how you feel!
It is so important for parents to learn how to controll their anger. Children how to treat people and how to allow themselves to be treated by example. I assure you that to a child, doors being slammed and things being thrown are very frightening. In my relationship with my fiance, any behavior like throwing things, slamming doors, or even yelling by either of us would be considered abusive and would not be tolerated.
I came from a family plagued with domestic violence. I am so sorry your son has to grow up with this. I want to assure you that he know what is going on. He feels the tention. He knows when daddy is angry and mommy is hurt. It hurts him too. My parents tried to hide the abuse from us kids. They tried their hardest to hide the abuse from us. My dad would only push my mom around in their bedroom. I cannot tell you how many nights I laid awake crying, scared to death of the...
I voted take her with me, because thats what I do when I go to the doctor. I let her sit in her stroller while I get examed. If I need to go to the dentist though, DF stays home from work. We're lucky that he has a job where he can take time off when he needs to.
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