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They need a note in the US section on the how the AAP policy has been specifically condemned by the comparable German pediatritions' group.  The German section could also site that. 
Originally Posted     [quote] I would appreciate no speculation on whether it is necessary or not[/quote]   It is NOT necessary.  If it was, it would be done right away, not scheduled for the end of March.    For the love of god, it's HIS penis.  Let HIM make the decision at a rational age.  I wish I could go back in time and shake some sense into my mom to leave my penis alone. 
HEY! Colorado crew and others: FIGHT the pending bill to pay for forced genital cutting of children with tax money. I've posted fairly straightforward steps here: http://Foreskin-Restoration.net/forum/showpost.php?p=74749&postcount=10 THIS IS URGENT (Hearing Thursday).   -Ron
It's perfectly reasonable to state when the diaper comes off "If you need to manipulate his penis let me know and I'll do it."  If they object, pack your stuff and leave.    If the kid's old enough of course you'd say "If you need to manipulate his penis just let him know and he'll do it."    -Ron
This dollar-bill sized leaflet is 2-sided color:   http://tlctugger.com/images/Intactivism-Leaflet_side1.jpg   http://tlctugger.com/images/Intactivism-Leaflet_side2.jpg   I'll send you some. 
If you Google "DO NOT circumcise ankle bands" you can get some free waterproof bands to put on your newborn. 
http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1332436/chicago-october-13th-cut-screening-and-ethics-panel-dicussion-with-the-director#post_16693695   Chicago - October 13th: CUT screening and ethics panel dicussion with the director   Please share with your Chicago and North suburban peeps. 
On October 13, filmmaker Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon will be in Evanston (just outside Chicago's north border) to screen his documentary CUT: Slicing Through the Myths of Circumcision, as part of a free national tour sponsored by TheWholeNetwork.org.    The 70 minute film takes a critical look at the usually unquestioned practice of infant circumcision from a Jewish perspective, sifting through expert religious, scientific, and ethical evidence.  CUT challenges viewers to...
Agreed.  The only point of using it would be to facilitate gentle finger stretching, which he's not old enough to worry about.   
He does not sound abnormal.    2% - 4% of adults don't even retract.  About half of those choose to do something about it.  "Something" includes gentle stretching exercises.  Not anything you'd be involved in.    For now what you can do is make sure he feels free to manipulate his skin to his heart's contentment.  The child's own curious manipulations (tugging away from the body, retracting) are what make a skin tube go from tight to retractable.  Just make sure...
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