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Hmm - I answered no, but am not sure. I do make our living environment a home, but that title feels pretty limiting to me... It reminds me of when I visited El Salvador, my visa gave me the option of being a Nurse a Teacher, or a Housewife. I wrote down "Writer" and the guy scratched it out and put "housewife". I wanted a better title
This is one of my personal pet peeve issues. I think we have created a very disconnected society that excludes children from too much and in reaction we have gone to an extreme of trying to find ways to entertain kids - simply because we exclude them from all work places. Obviously, they can't fit everywhere. But my personal utopia would be a society where we blend our families into our work life more seemlessly. I don't think we nurture our children our...
430 - now Wilbur here we come.
429 - time to go read "Charlotte's Web"
Quote: Originally Posted by luvinmy4 sounds like a great day. today was my "i so totally suck and am not a good mommy" day, but the first 3 days of the week were much better. so why do my sucky days make me feel worse and stay with me longer than my rocking days? My theory is we talk about the sucky days and don't do enough to acknowledge the good ones. Hence my post
: making a list to put on the fridge.
Ever have one of those good mummy days where it all comes together? Well, today dd when to preschool - joyfully. While she was there I got a story researched, written and out - under deadline and decently profitable. I picked her up and we bought groceries. Then we came home and had very yummy, left-over homemade soup I made last night after another excellent mummy day. After the soup we made sparkle playdough and baked muffins. As we sat and had our muffin...
Quote: Originally Posted by catholicapmom Oh, I'm just saying..."intelligent women aren't good housekeepers" so I would logically assume that unintelligent women are. But I should probably read the article. Oh - heck no! It was very tongue in cheek, basically just reassuring to bad housekeepers, not insulting to good ones
I need inspiration... When you have had a busy day and haven't planned anything what are the meals you always fall back on? I always have tortillas in the fridge and beans in the cupboard so tend to make something Mexicanish... Either that, or I will cut up a bunch of root vegies and mix them with a bit of oil and sesame seeds and roast them until they are done.
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