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That looks like fun! My dd is seven and her best friend is 10 - I could see them playing with that for hours...
I voted 'other' because I make my living writing for mainstream mags and work very hard to include an alternative perspective. For whatever reason, I find it very hard to locate AP parents who are willing to be interviewed or quoted. Several other writers I know (all strong AP parents btw) run into the same dilemma. Jo formula feeder is more than happy to tell us how breastfeeding ruined her life, but Sally co-sleeper won't come out of the closet about how a shared bed has...
Option #1 We have a couple of really special Christmas books we've received over the years. They get packed away with the ornaments then come back out in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The cheaper books stay in the shelf and disappear over time - but our special books will last our daughter's childhood Great ideas btw!! I'm stealing them for other friends
Oh, Mama you are such a loving, caring person to want to do better for your daughter. When I'm trying to correct my daughter's behaviour I try to keep in mind two things: The thing I want her to do - like cleaning up. And the reason I want her to learn it - being responsible for her toys and respecting our home. I have to teach her both of these things - forcing her might make her learn the first part but it won't help her learn the second part. To help her learn to...
My dd is 7. She also has too much stuff - we talked about it and decided as a family to donate our Christmas $$ and then make each other gifts this year (I'm sewing dresses for her AG dolls). I want her to have something special to open though, so she's getting tickets to a musical, a CD of the music and a new outfit to wear for our evening out. Diane
I try to let people pass - but it's not always feasible, especially if I'm already in the slow lane I'm another window washer. I find if someone's accidentally tailgating the spray wakes them up.
Quote: Originally Posted by enfpintj Loved your article. I know several people who are aiming for this life. I forwarded it to one of those people. Hope that was ok. I wish my dh liked the water. Thanks for forwarding it And for the nice comments. Diane
Angela, you're amazing. I feel like I barely keep up some days... I thought I would share my first story with More Magazine, seems how I got the assignment because of an MDC connection: http://www.more.ca/travel-and-advent...gh-seas/a/1908
Quote: Originally Posted by evies_mom I am also really happy to say that the editor for the regional parenting mag who accepted my query is so pleased with my work she has asked if she could assign me articles regularly. Who-hoo! I can make more on one article from them than I receive from a month at Suite. . This is so great - I wrote for a RPP for about 8 mos and it made the step to nationals nice and straightforward. You're on your way!!
I'm so sorry you are going through this. I would still call the police. Call the non-emergency number and talk to them - let them know you are afraid of further retaliation and that you believe she's unstable. I used to work in community mental health and we relied on families making reports so we could help our clients get the services they need. Clearly your sister is messed up - if your complaint is on file and something else happens, there is more chance she'll find...
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