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Mamas...I feel like I'm at a class reunion, I want to cry. I can't believe it's been a year already for so many of us. I'm also happy to hear from some of you that are not as active. The triplets are absolutely adorable, as are violet and petra. I'm so glad to see them growing and being their happy little selfs. Audrie has about 5 more weeks until her birthday. She's my little munchkin, just a happy little baby with eight teeth, no hair and lots of curiosity.
Lol..i'm only on here on my ohkne. I cant even see a signature. No september baby on the wqy for me though lol...at least not thwt i know
Oh my goodness...THAT HAIR. They look like two hapoy healthy babies. So good to hear from you foxmama.
@nuku: the grunting stopped at exactly 12 weeks with ds. @all: thanks for the nice words of encouragement. I'm typing this as dd is wiggling next to me, grunting away. Yikes. I'm contemplating sleeping in the recliner with her but we just got a brandnew kingsize mattress yesterday and it's just so darn comfy, lol. @anya/alison. No nees to apologize lol..it's the internet, everything is possible .
You ladies are all super active. I sometimes read the board, though I haven't really been following on here lately. I'm totally stressed out and super tired. My once mellow little squishy baby turned into a screamin deamon...ugh. She is one month old and has gained 4lbs in those 4 weeks which is awesome..apparently I'm making heavy cream LOL. Anyway, I'm right there with you with the grunting at night. OMG. I cannot take it anymore. It is so annoying. I put her to sleep...
@ava's mama: i have a 4am piglet too. I somehow manage to sleep through it too. This morning i sleot upright with dd on my chest. We made it about an hour and then had to get up. Birth control: i will have my ob prescribe the minipill first. I did pretty well on that and no matter if i'm taking hormonal birth control or not, i have no libido, so that shouldn't really matter anymore. Eventually i will get my tubes tied. We're done with babies, no more.
Ugh. I had a crazy adverse reaction to MSGs and hydrolized soy protein that were ingredients in a spice mix that DH bought. The day before yesterday he bought cavenders greek spice mix and i tried a TINY amount while reading the ingredients. I saw that msg and the soy protein were in it but didn't think anything about it cause i never reacted to it before. Within minutes i started neezing and my throat hurt like hell. I couldn't even swallow it hurt so bad. First i thought...
Still fresh and warm
Audrie had her pku on thursday. I'm done with doctors for now. I dont want her to get poked anymore lol. We went to the pediatricuan for her two week checkup and she had gone from 7lbs13oz at birth to 9lbs6oz at two weeks. She has rolls on her legs and more chins than a chinese phone book. I love me some chubby babies. Worldshakerz. I hope you feel better soon. We have been sick too and so far audrie didn't get it. Stuffy babies are no fun. Get better soon. Oh about...
Ok...continuing here with part 2 . Cosleeping. We have the crib sidecarred and that's going good. Baby sleeps from about 8pm-12am, then i feed, change diaper and she's out til about 3am and that's when the grunting usually kicks in, arms thrown around, legs kicking etc. I sometimes lay her on my chest and we drift back off or i nurse her until she falls off the breast or whatever works. Up until the kicking part though, she's in her crib, right next to me. I must say,...
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