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Um... I don't know, sometimes i do Picture My DH says I'm gorgeous and he makes me feel pretty
But seriously, this can't be worst than GOF, right??? Oh and can someone please spoil me, how much screen time Sirius has?? is his death distrubing???
Of course especially becuase we spend a month away we do long vacations. We've always take the kids
I don't have sons but if I did... No i wil not like them to be a SAHD neither my DD's to be a SAHM.
Not to school becuase they have to wear uniforms, to to gymnsatics they have to wear appropiate clothes, not to soccer they need appropiate clothes as well, to make this short, no i don't let them wear whatever they want, I say "Do you want to wear this or this?" they can choose between the two and no more.
Hello, I'm in Cardiff!!!
In 1997, when the first book came out, I was hooked since then. I can't handle more days of torture for book 7
When my oldest turns 10 I'm getting a half time job, unleast
Quote: Originally Posted by BelgianSheepDog No, honestly, I don't. I hope that it is easier by the time she grows up to balance childrearing and meaningful work without having to make so many sacrifices either way. yeah that
We're taking 5 year old DD and 3 year old DD in midnight and it depends on the kid, I took my DD's(4 and 2 at the time, do they cried? no where they scared? absolutely not) to see HP4 and they loved it, it totally depends of the kid. So if I take my kids on midnight I don't care what people will think.
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