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I am so sorry, words cannot express it. My thoughts are with you and your family.
Please add me too! Thank you for this list :) Its so nice to see all the mommas who will be giving birth the same time as me!     EDD: 12/26/11 Age at conception/delivery: 40/41 What "number" child this is for you: 2nd how long it took you to conceive: 1 month birth plans: waterbirth
Number 2
I can't wear any of my regular pants, it is so uncomfortable. I am wearing maternity/yoga pants, stretchy exercise pants, and maternity shirts. I am trying to keep this pregnancy a secret from anyone other than family until at least 12 weeks. That is going to be hard!
  Write something...   Remove Post   Sonya Sheikh Dame ‎"I would love to try Mother's Milk Mate. Thank you for hosting the contest on...
I agree with some of the pp about walking/jogging/running. Spend some money on a good pair of shoes, which would still be less than a personal trainer of gym membership.   I bought some good shoes last year and started walking, then worked my way up to jogging, I have not lost a lot of pounds, but my body looks completely different. I've lost inches.   We use the stroller, go on family walks, etc. I also put my running shoes on when I am housecleaning. Somehow...
Our family is the same way. we are in what is considered one of the nicest areas of our town. It is a brand new home, and by the looks of it it is far from "poor" But we like to live frugally. The only reason we have this is b/c we have been so frugal and it was an unfinished foreclosure when we purchased it. Living a natural, close to our mother earth lifestyle keeps me happy and grounded. I do feel sometimes like a PP said that when I see a high maintenance momma,...
this is great info as we are getting ready to open a college fund for my daughter. We currently have very little in retirement for ourselves. I am currently doing research and the info is overwhelming.
Looks like I will miss the park friday, my DH took off work. Then, we will be gone through the first of the year. I look forward to meeting you guys the next time we can attend! see you soon! I am SO happy that ya'll are here! :
Hi Ladies! we moved to the dunwoody (/ sandy springs?) area in Sept. My DD turned 3 in October. I am so glad to see there is a playgroup in the area. : Is there room for one more? That would be me of course.... Do you meet regularly? I would love to meet some new friends! Sonya
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