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Definitely bring snacks. Not sure about how you normally get around, but perhaps a stroller would be best, there are quite a few hills. Hope you have fun.
Maybe instead of rewarding yourself with food or shopping- perhaps take a easier class that you haven't tried before- tai chi or similar. Sometimes I want to go to the gym and just sit around with a book instead of working out- maybe you could do that.
I didn't want to rent just any carseat, so I decided to bring my kids boosters since I know their history and the safety ratings. We will be there for three weeks so at least it won't be a lot of work for very little time.
We will start off with two suitcases, three carseats and me in a van shuttle. Any tips for managing it all while I am flying with three children by myself? I will have my 15 mo in a back carry most likely for the airport. A shoulder style diaper bag that will have my purse attached. A pull along/ride on (trunki) suitcase filled with snacks and toys for all. And my 4 and 3 yo will probably have a lightly packed bag with their favorite stuff, but will fit in the trunki...
I'm on w5d2. I haven't ever run this much at a time in my whole life it seems. I remember always getting out of breath after about 2 minutes. Not anymore- 8 minutes straight LOL and repeat
I moved away almost two years ago. I really love it. I prefer being able to go to the beach 300 days out of the year. Of course I miss my family, but we are much more active living here. I will try to type more later. I don't regret moving, but I am sad that I don't have my family here.
I loved these books and knew they would make a great book. My first thought was that the two boys should be switched too. I am looking forward to these movies!
OMG- I hate bugs. But living in so cal I have had to make my own peace with them too. These stories freak me out.
I am responding without reading the replies yet but I just read something that I think might help here.   There was this man visiting his friend and she was in her 14 yo's room, putting away his clothes. The man asks the mother what she is doing. Which she responds, cleaning up of course. Then he asks her again. Then he says finally that he feels sorry for her sons future wife.   This story stuck with me because that is exactly how my MIL treats my DH and her...
I have two shoes that I love. I have aisics kyones (or something) that I got from a specialty running store owned by a podiatrist I believe. I also have a pair of vibram five finger shoes. I have tried on several pairs and the most similar to a running shoe for me are the bikilas ls. Super comfy and no pain while running/walking at all.  Both pairs are around $100.
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